Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for:

1. Runners on sale.  Our boys love wearing running shoes because they are so active.  I have bought used and I have bought new, and really, as long as it lasts a year that's all they need.  I went to Value Village's 30% off sale and got these three runners (sizes 1, 2 and 3) for $16.00 total.  They are in great condition and name brands like Nike and Saucony.

2.  Free activities.  Surrey has a program where you can go to a park each week and make a craft and play with sporting equipment.  You can download the schedule here.  I'll be honest, it wasn't super exciting but it is nice to be able to walk to a park, do an activity, play at the park, and then walk home.  Kai has asked to go again.

3.  A husband that makes yummy, healthy food for barbecues.  

4.  Date nights.  I'm thankful that my sister and I swap babysitting each month.  Our monthly date budget is about $50.00 so I'd rather not have to pay for a babysitter as that would mean Gary and I would end up eating at McDonalds.  Usually we babysit for about 3 hours for each other.

5. Nya.  I asked Nya what I was thankful for this week and she said `Nya'.  So yes, very thankful for my girl.  She can be so easy going but when she's over tired, watch out.  Also, she knows what she wants (DORA!!! DORA!!), don't mess with it.  Her clothing of choice is now a `dancing' dress and runners.

6.  Naan bread. Seriously, who doesn't love it?!  It reminds me of the chapatis from Kenya and I'm a sucker for chapatis.

7.  A dress on sale.  $20 from H&M on the Clearance rack.  It was a size bigger than I normally wear but it, uh, fit.  I got to wear my new very expensive shoes on the date night too.  If pink/coral and baby blue don't match, don't tell me now.  Also, very awkward to just stand there for a full length photo.

8.  One on one time with Kai.  We read together (this summer it's`Harry Potter'), I'm teaching him piano,  and we often throw a football around but it's nice to spend a few hours together doing something new and exciting.

9. A husband who patches holes without complaining.  Koen was hanging on the towel rack, working on his American Ninja Warrior moves, and pulled it right out of the wall.  Gary patched it and then we realized we didn't have any more of the bathroom paint colour left so Gary just repainted the whole bathroom with a colour we already had.  Koen now has to practice all of his moves on the playground.

10. Kids making me laugh.  Kai and the neighbour boys made a sign up sheet.  It's just $5 to join their Ninja Warrior camp.  They stood on the sidewalk trying to get people to sign up and they got a customer.  Koen.  He emptied his piggy bank to join.  Then, they hired him to stand on the side of the road to recruit more people.  The maximum class size is 30 in case you are interested.  I asked about their business plan...they weren't really sure about that part.

I hope you had a week where you could find multiple things to be thankful for!  We have been on vacation in at Nehalem Bay State Park in Oregon and I can't wait to show you pictures tomorrow!

If you did your own `Thankful Thursday' post, please put the link to it in the comments.

Love, Louise


  1. I love that we both have Kais. and that when I read your blog, there is always something that I was going to blog about too! :)

    Here is my list:


  2. Your date night dress looks great and goes with blue :) It's a really nice color on you. I love the pic of you swinging Nya. For some reason it reminded me of your mom. And I'm still waiting for Gary to come and make me and you and all the kids dinner. I can dream, right? - Ali

  3. Great dress! I found a new little black dress at this little shop I found in Olds and just found some shoes to go with it at VV! Super pumped about that! I love deals! Clearance! Sales! 50% off day at VV is the best if only I could get there on a Sunday for the "pre-sale"

    1. Kelsey, I'm all about the Sunday pre sale :)