Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Life is good in the Chapman home.  Sometimes when I hear about the illnesses and struggles of others, I feel guilty.  Our life is so easy right now.  It hasn't always been, it won't always be, but right now, it's good.  If my concerns for the moment are the fact that my belly looks 4 months pregnant (I was just asked this week if I was!), my boys fight too much,  or that our yard is too small, wow, that's just amazing and I do not take it for granted.

Every Thursday I write 10 things that I am thankful for and here are some for this week:

1.  Gary's hard work.  He just finished teaching, we did two weddings in a row, and he's taking a course all week.  Oh, and then next week I signed him up to coach soccer all week.  I find a hardworking man very attractive.  High five, awesome husband!  We'll take a break soon because  a well rested husband is also a little more friendly :)

2.  Slurpees on a hot day.  I took the kids on Canada Day and they loved it!  

3.  The gift of bottles!  We got two donations this week!  Thank you LD and JD!  Kai and I also had a great night of collecting.

4.  Waterparks.  We have three great water parks within a 10 minute drive.  I'm also thankful for all the cousins but I've said that a few times already.  It was soooo great that they could all play together on Wednesday.  They get along so well, it's truly awesome.  

 {Photo below is not from the water park, it's from Campbell Valley Park this morning}

5.  Times to get together with sisters.  It rarely works that all 5 of us can get together but we try every 2 months or so.  I find that it is easiest for me to hang out with them than almost anyone else.  I'm in the middle of being an introvert and extrovert but I find socializing with my sisters the easiest.  Is it even socializing?  It's just being together and just being 100% yourself.  Not that I'm not my self with others but I don't have to try to be smart or funny.  I don't have to think. I'm just me.

6. Winning the Ultimate Fort Langley Date.  I love winning and it made me giddy.  I'm also currently trying to win the Alaskan Disney Cruise from Breakfast Television.  It's over tomorrow, and man, that would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I've been entering every day and dream of taking our kids on it.  It's a HUGE prize valued over $7000.00 and someone has to win it!  I highly recommend to everyone to enter any contest you may be interested in, you never know.  The last entry for it is tomorrow morning at 8:05 am. My dad has showed us that it does pay off to enter everything as he has won some pretty amazing prizes himself.   

7. In laws that love our kids.  I know I'm very blessed to have grandparents like them.  Nya went for her first sleepover on the weekend and she was so excited.  I felt sad leaving her but I knew she would be fine and it was just 24 hours.  PS This Dora suitcase was just $1 at a garage sale :)  And seriously, how adorable is she?!!

8.  Kids that choose `All You Can Eat Sushi' as their end of school celebration meal.  We all loooove sushi.  I found Azumae and it worked well for us.  We went for lunch (cheaper) and everyone ate their fill.  It was affordable, close to home, great service, good food,  and I love that they have a call button built into the table!

9.  Simple pleasures for kids.  Bikes. Bubbles. Baby pool.  All these things can bring a little one so much joy.

10. Great memories.  It was one year ago today that we left on our trip to the Philippines and Thailand.  We loved it.  Like, reallllly loved it.  Cannot wait to travel more.

11.  Bonus one: Girls Night!  Dinner & Drinks at Brown's Social House and then watching The Bachelorette together.  

I hope that you are having a good week and able to enjoy some of the beautiful outdoors.  Thank you so much for reading,  I'm blown away by how many people read my blog and I appreciate YOU.  Now if you would only comment.... just kidding. Kind of. 

Love, Louise


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I love reading your thankful Thursdays, what a great idea to take a moment and be thankful for the little things. I really hope you win the Disney cruise!! It's amazing!! We did it 3 years ago and we all loved it!!

  2. Anonymous, you went on it? So fun! Who are you? :)

  3. I don't know why my name showed up anonymous cause I was signed in. It's Jen Versluis

  4. Congrats on winning the date night - so awesome! Say hi to Lisa and Leah for me:) - hope you have lots of fun on your girls night!

  5. Slurpees are the best on hot days!! And, yes, we love to enter contests. Our best win was Anthony's win - a $4000 Travel Voucher to anywhere...just for buying tires! We went to Mexico. Yes, people have to win!!

  6. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I read your blog regularly, and have often felt like a "creeper". No more! I enjoy your writing and photos. And congratulations on your win!


  7. I enter contests ALL THE TIME, but I never win anything. Bummer.

    Do you know that 7-11 gives out free slurpees on July 11th (7-11)? Enjoy!

  8. Marsalie-that must mean your turn is soon! And funny about July 11, that totall makes sense (7/100), I thought it was on Canada Day which may have been why we went :)

    Jen-so fun!

  9. I love the slurpee picture so much!

  10. fun list! I still am just SOOO excited for you for that date night. AWESOME!!!

  11. BTW, I recently got asked when my baby was due also. Oh the joys of a "post multiple-pregnancy body with too many kids at home to be able to find time to exercise" stomach. :). I guess we just need to embrace it? Harder in the summer-time when shirts and t-shirts are expected.