Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Weekend of Celebrations

On Saturday Gary and I photographed a great wedding of an old student of ours.  It was awesome and so fun to run into so many people that I haven't seen in so long. 

Today we skipped church and went to the Honeybee Centre first thing for their festival.  I'm glad we went right when it opened.  The kids could all play the games without waiting!  They won tickets which they could cash in for prizes (honey sticks, pencils etc).  It was a great event for our kids, aged 2-8.

We've explored the Honeybee Centre before so we didn't go to the shows or look around too much inside but we did enjoy that last time that we went.

They also had a bouncy castle which Nya is always a huge fan of.

And Mac's was there with free Froster's (slurpees).

Then, we had a caricature done of the kids.  I never usually indulge in these things (not free) but he was a very cool guy and I like his work!  

I totally see Kai and Koen but don't really recognize Nya's face.  

Then, we went out to Abbotsford for my niece, Grace's, first birthday.

Jack, above, is such a mini Kai.

The kids had a great time with the bouncy castle, bubble machine, wading pools and frisbee.

Grace wasn't so sure about the whole `Happy birthday' and cake thing at first but once she got a taste of it, she was much happier!

Our kids finally got to meet little Lucy.  She is 3 weeks old now.  When she was born, they had a cold so I don't want them around her.  Nya is so in love with her.  `I hold her' `I take her home, mommy'.

I miss the feeling of falling in love with your child.   However, I don't miss all the other stuff that goes with it.  We are VERY happy with our family of 5 and the fact that we all sleep through the night about 6 out of 7 nights a week.

It was a great weekend!  Now to get to all of those wedding photos and prepare for our two Korean students coming tomorrow.



  1. i totally read blogs on sunday nights! it's my after church, winding down before bed, reading. :)
    I can't believe how much bigger Nya looks just since june! Crazy! Thomas was sad not to see Koen, we'll have to try to get together before the end of summer.

  2. Sounds like a great Wknd, Louise. Lucy is adorable!! I think I have seen the HB Centre when we have been down on the it kind of on your way to TS ferry? What a fun day you guys had!

  3. Great photos of you with your new niece.

  4. Beth-Koen can't wait to see Thomas again!

  5. Your nieces and nephews are so cute :) Those look like some fun times together.