Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

{I've wanted to make a `Thankful Thursday' badge for a while.  I'm no graphic designer but I think it looks cute!  Feel free to use it if you want.}

Thankful for:

1.  A new niece!  Lucy Elizabeth was born on July 6th at home in a beautiful quick birth.  It wasn't the plan to be at home but they were prepared just in case.   I'm thankful that each of my sisters, and I, now have a daughter.  I truly feel that it's so special that we get to have a mother daughter relationship despite our mom not being here on earth. To be honest, I'm also thankful that I felt zero twinges of wanting another baby. I'm happy for them but we are soooooooo done with pregnancy, C-sections, and never sleeping.  I could do the breastfeeding again though, I really did enjoy that after the first couple of months.  And, one more thing...did you know that in both of our families (that's 6 siblings total), everyone has 2 or more kids and no one has two boys except for us.  I'm thankful for friends that have two (or more) boys as it's just different.  Boys are crazy.

{Not sure why I'm awkwardly tilting my head.  Look at the baby, not me.}

2.  A friend to help me buy new shoes!  Part of my Ultimate Dream Date was $150.00 to spend at Aimee B in Fort Langley.  It was a pretty pricey store so basically I could get one item.  My friend Leah came along and helped me choose a pair of shoes!  Thanks, Leah.  They are the most expensive pair of shoes I will ever own.  Made in Spain. PS That black comfy dress?  From H&M for $15 and it even has pockets.  I love it.

3. Amazing camping weather. Phew. It would've definitely made our vacation a little less fun if it was raining.  Let's be honest, way less fun.  


{I should also add that I'm thankful for the Ergo.  We have definitely gotten our money's worth out of it!}

4. A spare bedroom.  It's in our basement and we will be having two students from Korea this summer for two weeks.  Normally there is just one bed in there so this doesn't look very nice but it does the trick!   I didn't want to invest any money into it as it's just for 2 weeks so we just borrowed a bed (the white one was mine when I was a kid and my sister uses it for her girls now).  I'm a bit nervous as I don't love playing host but the boys are so excited to have two bigger boys to play hockey with.  Hopefully they like hockey.

5. Soccer camp.  Gary is coaching at our church this week and the kids are all involved too!  I am working all week so it has been so good to have two days where all three went and I had four hours dedicated to work.  I am so incredibly productive without Miss Nya needing me every 10 seconds.  This is what normally happens when I try to work...she crawls in my lap and says  `I colour'. 

6.  Free outdoor pools.  We like to take the kids in the summer to quickly cool off as it's just 5 minutes away.  Nya LOVED it.  We put water wings on her and she would just yell `3, 4 JUMP!' and jump into the pool.  Over and over and over.  She's wild. It was so cute.  I love seeing Gary melt over her cuteness.   He really does, folks.  

{No picture here but we'll have to bring the GoPro next gift I ever bought Gary for sure!}

7. My dad being home safe and sound.  Crazy guy.  What will be his next adventure? Who knows.  Dad, what about having my kids for a week? Now that would be an adveture!

8. Awesome clients.  Seriously, having great couples to photograph makes the day go so well.  Totally looking forward to our next three couples of the summer too!  And then, we're done until next year where we will accept a limited amount of weddings.  Like, super duper minimal :)

9.  Princess bandaids.  Make every owie better.  She even prefers them over mommy's kisses.

10. Bugs.  They make walks to the mailbox a whole lot more exciting for the kids.  Nya loves to let any bug crawl all over her.

I hope you are having a good week!  Again, I would encourage you to journal or share with someone the things that you are thankful for.  It really does make a difference. I dare you :)

Love, Louise


  1. I love the new shoes (and the black dress!)

  2. Nice banner! I love grey and yellow.

    Love the name Lucy. I would even use it myself if that wasn’t the Volkenant family dog.

    My parents had two Korean boys for a couple weeks in January and they LOVED hockey. My brother gave them one of his pucks and they were over the moon.

  3. Hi! I found your blog when a mutual friend, Debra G, mentioned it on FB a few weeks ago. Because of you I have started doing Thankful Thursday posts too on my blog (I do refer back to your blog) thankful for these lists! May I use your banner (with a link) in my posts as well?

    Oh, and I love those shoes! And congrats on the new niece! ...and for not having that baby urge! Isn't it nice when you get to the point where you don't feel them? lol


  4. Lori-Anne, thanks for reading! And yes, for sure you can use the banner, thanks for asking!

  5. Katrina-my best friends dog is also named Lucy :)
    I'll have to let the boys know that hockey was a fan with your parent's students!

    Mandeep-thank you!

  6. 1. congratulations! She's so sweet!
    2. LOVE it. The shoes and the dress! great pairing.
    3. Yes...camping is always better in good weather.
    7. glad to hear it - wow, what an adventure!

  7. Good job on the Thankful Thursday badge and another great list of things to be thankful for. Congratulations on the new niece!

  8. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I reocgnize one of those single beds:) first 13 years of my life haha.
    And Hannah has made good use of her princess bandaids too this week. Much easier to persuade them to keep bandaids on when they are so girlie and cute.
    And the ergo...oh the ergo. Im a big fan. I have no idea how you managed to bfeed and carry nya in ergo simultaneously. Mad skills