Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Ultimate Fort Langley Dream Date

Yesterday morning I found out that I had won the Ultimate Fort Langley Dream Date through She's A Valley Mom.  I could not believe it and had to confirm with her that I was truly the `Louise D' that won.   I love winning things.  I enter A LOT of contests. If I win a $5 coffee card I get excited so you can imagine my excitement over winning such an amazing prize!  We love Fort Langley and go there many times throughout the year, usually because it's the perfect photo location for weddings and sessions.

What is involved with this date?  A lot.

1. Meal at Lelam (Never been! Can't wait to try it!)
2.  $150 at Aime B Clothing (Beautiful clothes? Yes please!)
3.  Wine tour and tasting at The Fort Wine Co. (Love wine.  Never been on a wine tour!  Yay for Gary, my designated driver.  Oh wait, the helicopter is picking us up!)
4. A helicopter ride by SKY helicopters.  (My dad will be so jealous)
5. Flowers from Greenworks (Love fresh flowers on our kitchen table!!)
6.  Checking out the show home at McBride Station (Uh oh, last time we checked a show home, we bought our house!)
7.  Into Choclate Candy & Confections gift card (Chocolate, need I say more?)
8. Massages at Su Casa Spa (The last time we had side by side massages was our honeymoon and we LOVED it).
9. Dinner at Eighteen 27  (Went there this year for the first time, great food!)

I am so incredibly excited.  I love all of these things!   I am a tad bit nervous about the helicopter ride but it will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.  Gary and I celebrate our birthdays in August so I have a feeling this will be the best way we will ever celebrate them!

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Love, Louise


  1. Wow - lucky you! Sounds like a fantastic day!

  2. Wow! Sounds fabulous!!

  3. so so SOOO excited for you! SUCH an awesome contest to win!!!

  4. That is amazing!! Congrats!