Sunday, March 23, 2014


We spent three nights in Ucluelet and then just took one full day to explore Tofino.
If you are looking for a good place to stay with your family in Ucluelet, I would recommend the West Coast Motel.  Super friendly, affordable, and they have a pool.  Usually it is super pricey for us to find a place with two bedrooms and a kitchen but they have it for about $120/night.
This is the view outside of our room...that big boat is a restaurant.
On our last full day there, we did our day trip to Tofino.  We went to Wickaninnish Beach and did the Bog Walk that we always do.  Super easy walk and the vegetation is so cool.

We also had tacos from the Tacofino truck.
We got to Long Beach and the kids just ran and ran.  There isn't a lot of life on the beach as it's just sand but it's fun for the kids to run in the waves and just go, go, go!
I'm so thankful that we had a sunny day for it.  Gary's parents have never been there so I think it was a great way to see it!

I love all these marks in the sand.  I think it's just from the waves.

After exploring the town of Tofino (great playground there!) and going to Cox Bay, Wickaninnish Beach and Long Beach, we went back to our motel.
Kai spent some time doing up his brackets for March Madness and made me do one as well. I chose Duke as the champion and they are out already.
Then, I went to the lighthouse in Ucluelet to meet up with my friends, Mark and Maria.  They were on the island celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary!  I don't usually work on holidays but in a location like that, and the dates lined up, I had to!!  It was sooooooo windy but so beautiful.   Gary and I had a chance to go to their resort for dessert after the kids were in bed and Gary's parents could watch the kiddos.
Kai got a special trackable geocoin in the geocache in Tofino.  We've only had one before; in Oregon. 
On our last morning, the kids went over to grandma and grandpas for breakfast.  Later I found out that breakfast may have included ice cream.  Gary and I got a quick walk in to see a bunch of sunstars and seals!
Then, we were on our way to our next destination; Port McNeill.  On our way, we stopped at my oma's house for her 91st birthday!  It's always great to see her, talk with her and hold her hand.  Nya and Koen sang happy birthday to her and she loved it.  I wish I could see her more often, but for now, it's just every Spring Break.  It's my mom's mom so it always makes me feel closer to my mom when I hold her hand and look in her eyes. 
We stopped in Courtenay for lunch.  We had A&W and the kids were sooooo excited!! It was their first time there.  Kai's excitement faded quickly when Gary checked out the latest scores in March Madness.  Kai was really hoping to do better with his brackets.  Look at his face.  Poor guy.

Next stop?  Port McNeill to visit our friends, the Voses!  Will post on that tomorrow :)

Thankful for a safe trip and for kids that travel pretty well!

Love, Louise


  1. Enjoying your travelogue - those markings in the sand look like sculptures of trees - very cool!

  2. Wow, Soooo beautiful! And great weather!