Thursday, March 06, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

**I know I don't need to say it because 90% of people probably don't care but it totally drives me nuts that I have to post iPhone photos.  I use my phone during the week when I see something I'm thankful for and therefore, that's what you get.  If I was Louise of 10 Years Ago, I would put in the extra hour to get great photos of everything I'm thankful for with our DSLR, but alas, the Louise of Now is a little more relaxed.  A little.**

Thankful For...
1. Bacon. Sorry, vegetarians :(  Gary made BLT's with guacamole and I love bacon. And guacamole. And him.

2. A Special Cup.  Growing up, I was one of five kids.  My mom bought some tupperware cups and the order went darkest to lightest for oldest to youngest.  This was the cup that I used and now Kai uses.  It's got to be almost 30 years old.  See, I am such a sucker for sentimental things.  

3. Salad with fruit (in the winter).  We love our mangoes and strawberries!  Koen's favourite part of our trip to SE Asia was the mangoes.  

4.  An anonymous donation to our Disneyland Fund.  The trip will cost us about $3500.00 as we are probably going to drive and also do the Grand Canyon at the same time.  My hope is to fund raise about $500 :)  Really it's about the kids participating so that they can have a better understanding of how expensive trips are and how they can contribute.

5. Sleeping Kids.  Need I say more?!!!  My dad used to take pictures like this of us.  Except, he was mean.  If we woke up, he would tell us it was time to go to school.
6. Butter chicken and Naan bread.  I broiled the bread on our pizza stone which worked well.  I'm definitely thankful for food all the time :)  

7.  Nerdy kids who love a little lesson on lichen while we explore the forest.

8. A brand new school building for our kids.  Kai moved into the new building this week and it is AMAZING.  Each room is packed with a delicious amount of natural light and each class upstairs has a huge outdoor balcony space (Kai's class will be doing composting and who knows what else).  I know a school is so much more than a building, but wow, it is gorgeous. And practical.  It is a full community effort as the school building depends on donations and fundraising.  Love it.

9.  Ponies and Tea Parties.  I'm loving the new twist on our home that Nya brings.  We watched `Tangled' as a family and I loved it.  Gary was laughing at me, but seriously, it felt soooooooo good to watch something that wasn't cars, airplanes, transformers, star wars etc.  

10.  Comments.  Seriously.  Thank you to all those that comment. I don't do this to get comments but the nerd in me loves that we can all learn from each other.  I love gaining perspective from other people's experiences and the educator in me hopes that something at some time will be informative.  

I do have a Talk Nerdy To Me facebook page to let you know when I update in case you are interested :)  

I hope you had a great week so far.  Mine's sitting at about 76% so I can't complain :)  What about yours?

Love, Louise


  1. Mmm...good looking and sounding food at your place and that new school building - how great is that!

  2. I just added bacon and avocado to my grocery list. I love your thankful posts.

  3. Carol-the building is wonderful!!
    Ali-here's hoping next week is higher than 59%!
    Ashley-thanks :) Bacon + avocado =so great.

  4. We also had a set of plastic family cups! They were different colors and had different bible story pictures on them. Mine was the red on with Noah's Ark :)

  5. Katrina- I love that :)

  6. The plastic cups...mine was and still is the orange mom tried to throw them away...I won't let her

  7. Love seeing the things you're thankful for. So many make me smile:)

  8. We each had a set of dishes, mine was Babar :)

    This week is a 80. Had a barn tour/open house with 250+ people come thru....glad it's over, but happy with the success :)

  9. I totally teach mine about lichen too... not sure they have ever looked as interested as Kai though! :)

  10. bacon makes EVERYTHING better. blt with guac??? HELLO!
    i am thankful for food too :)
    that building looks AMAZING - wow!

  11. 100% nutball's writing and heart sticky note for the disneyland fund??

  12. Jackie, you think?? Hmmm I always get yellow sticky notes from her. A nice heart one. What kind of beer does Stephen drink? It was a great variety of yummy beers :)

  13. Mmmm I love mangoes too! I just bought some at Two EE's yesterday. They aren't cheap though - I think they were $1 each? And I also love ANY indian food. Hmm...i felt like i had other things to comment on that post...but now I forget!! :)