Saturday, March 29, 2014

Green Lake Getaway

As we have done for the past few years, we went up to Green Lake with my sister Maria and her family.  The days leading up to their departure were filled with the flu for the Thompsons :(  It was decided that we would go up first, they would come the next day and stay in the downstairs suite, and the kids could play together outside that afternoon/evening and the next morning.  We figured in full winter gear outside the kids would be all good :)  I don't love being paranoid of germs but Maria and I both totally get flu prevention comes first, especially with 7 kids between us!!
On the way up, Miss Nya fell asleep.  This does require mention as she is not gifted in this area.  I would say the one downfall of having a potty trained toddler is that we made multiple stops for her to use the bathroom.  I had put her in a diaper in case and just said `Pee in your diaper!' but she would not.  As a side note, she says she has to `Peet'.  It's cute.

The first afternoon up there, I not only had laryngitis still (4 days!) but I felt very ill.  I had no energy.  I just laid on the couch.  This was my view.  Nya and Koey (yes, Koey) playing connect four and Gary cooking up dinner in the kitchen.

The next morning I was feeling better and we went outside in the sunshine!!  We went geoaching and sledding.  Around 2 pm, my dad flew by.  I should know by now that as long as the weather is decent, I can expect a visit from him up there.  You can see him waving in the window.  I have to say, sort of jokingly, I'm glad Gary and I are married.  Imagine if we were dating and my dad kept flying by wherever we were hiking or hanging out?!
Maria, Kris and the kids came and we did some more sledding.
Such a great age as they can do everything themselves (well, the older 4 anyway).


Nya did not love the sled.

Then, my dad landed in 100 mile house and was able to join us for a couple of hours.  He was super fun Opi and gave them all rides on the snowmobile.

I'm totally the fun police (as Gary says) but I do get nervous about it tipping or the kids getting hurt.  I try to relax a bit because I don't want my kids to live their lives afraid to take any risks.
I did go on too but I took Nya. I knew my dad wouldn't go fast if I had her with me.  When did I turn into an old lady?!
Gary loved it.  I have to say that I like it too.  Very fun toy.  Growing up, we did not have these fun toys to play with, although my dad did have a tractor and he would lift us up in the bucket to get the biggest and juiciest blackberries.
Then, we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and my dad flew back home (you can see him in the photo).
Koey loves his food.
It was a great trip.  I'm so thankful for safe travels and good travelling buddies.  The kids are totally fine without their DVD players and DS in the van, I love it.  I may have taught Koen the `I'm going on a trip and I'm taking an...' game.  He loved it a bit too much and I realized I don't love playing it more than once.

Another great year at Green Lake!! Let's hope next year doesn't involve the flu so that the kids can actually play together inside the house:)  Poor Nya kept asking about Georgie all day.  She was so confused why Georgia was in the basement and they couldn't play together.  I really cannot do the flu again.

Well, another great Spring Break.  I'm so thankful that we could to to Ucluelet with Gary's parents, Fort McNeill with our friends Brent and Melissa, and then Green Lake with the Thompsons.   That's a lot of road trips in 2 weeks but it was so great.

Hope you are well.



  1. I taught the boys "I'm going on a trip..." last summer and they also loved it. Only problem was that Adam wanted to play it ALL the time and he did not fully understand so it was completely random when it was his turn. So much fun you had this last couple of weeks!!

  2. beautiful!!! major bummer about the flu though :(

  3. Great pictures of the kids sledding in the snow

  4. Love this - I have so many great memories of camping with our cousins.