Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful for...

1. Shadows.  It means there is SUNSHINE and the kids also love playing Shadow Tag (aka trying to stomp on the head of my shadow).

2.  Signs of Spring.  Oh sooooo ready for it!! Please let this sunshine last.  I don't care about the crazy, wild allergies, just keep the sunshine going!

3.  Bath time.  It makes the sometimes crazy 5-7 pm go a whole lot easier.  These kids LOVE their bath time.

4.  Finding a solution within our home.  Kai needed to dress up for Dr. Seuss day and I didn't want to go out to buy anything (just time and money I didn't want to spend).  He was Mr. Brown and I just used a cowboy hat, a balloon, and a cocoon I knit years ago (for photography) and voila.  Mr. Brown.

5.  A good bargain on pants for Koen next year.  Six pairs of great condition,  name brand jeans/pants for $12 (second hand).  These will definitely last him through kindergarten.  Kai doesn't have enough to pass down any more so I do need to buy new ones for Koen.

6. Easy dinners.  Costco's super kale salad with roast chicken and mangoes. 

7.  Hours of the boys being entertained on their own.  They play many things with their stuffies.  Usually its `Amazing  Race' but they also did `The Price Is Right' this week.

8. Our double stroller.  We bought this second hand when Koen was little so it's about 5 years old and going strong.  We use it all the time still with just Nya in it and then we fill it up with groceries.  It's been so great for us!

9. Unconditional Love.  We are all loved unconditionally by God.  Gary also loves me unconditionally and our kids know this love too.  It bothered me when we got married and Gary told me that he made the decision to love me forever (which makes it sound like there is no feeling involved) but I know no matter what, whether I'm nice or mean,  he loves me the same.

10.  Koen's heart. He is so sweet. If he hears that someone is sick, he asks that we pray for them immediately.  When his friend Thomas was sick, he said, `I'm so sad that Thomas is sick, I just love him so much.'.  I shared this on facebook a I thought it was funny but it also speaks about his heart:
Koen: Mom, one day we have to help Nya find a husband.
Me: What kind of husband should we look for?
Koen: One with lots of ketchup at his house.  She loves ketchup.  Oh, and someone who makes sure she doesn't climb the ladder on the bunk bed.

I hope you are having a good week!  I'm trying to get life and work all caught up before Spring Break. Any plans for the break?

Love, Louise


  1. Love them all!

    Completely agree on spring. I am. Done. With. Winter!
    Great job on the costume. So creative!
    I have been hearing great things about costco's kale salad. Must try it sometime.
    Thankful for God's love too!! And grace!!

  2. Ashley, the salad is great but I always put the dressing on about an hour before because I find kale so hard/rough/bark-ish if that makes sense. I can see you done with winter, yours is longer and wilder!!

  3. I took a picture of crocuses on my way to work this morning for my TT next week... Love the promise of spring each year.

    Your kids are way too cute.

  4. 1 & 2. YES, so good!
    6. I had this for the first time a few weeks ago and it is on my costco list for tomorrow. SO delish!

    Spring Break: this is my first working spring break, so I'm kind of sad that I'm missing out on having the kids home for 2 weeks. BUT i know they are going to have some fun with the babysitters, playdates and sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa's! :)

  5. Koen and Thomas are indeed kindred spirits. They both have hearts of great love. And especially for eachother! There isn't a meal that goes by we don't pray for Koen!

    I'm adding that salad to my grocery list -- I've been so bored with our regular foods I need to try something new!