Saturday, March 15, 2014

If Money Wasn't A Factor...

I am my father's daughter.  I need exciting things to look forward to. I love the comforts of home but LOVE the anticipation and experience of new places.

If money was no object, we would definitely travel more.  I loooooooove it so much.  Love the food, culture, ocean, warmth, people...everything.  Love the adventure.  I spent an hour yesterday going through our summer pictures and I just want to go on another big trip as soon as possible.  

We are getting ready for our Spring Break .  It will be the same as the past 5 or 6 years; Vancouver Island and Green Lake.  Love Ucluelet/Tofino...but, well, not quite as exciting as the Philippines :)  
We still really want to travel as a family to Africa and South America. I would love to live in Africa (maybe Sierra Leone, Kenya or Uganda) for a year rather than just visit. 
Say you had an additional $10,000/year to do whatever you wanted with, what would you do?


  1. I agree if I had an extra $10000 a year I would travel (more) also! One my list:
    Scandinavian tour / Norway
    USA: Alaska, NewYork (again) Chicago, Washington, Grand Canyon, Hawaii (again)
    Canada: Ottawa, Quebec City, PEI, Montreal, NovaScotia, Drumheller
    Italy, Greece, Mediterranean cruise

  2. Maria, that's an awesome list!! I guess I should add where else we would like to go :)

    Iceland and drive across Canada. Oh, I would like to do Alaska again too. So many places to see!

    My hope is that we will road trip down to Disneyland and then see the Grand Canyon at the same time as Gary has never been!

  3. Oh man... I know I am travelling right now...but ...
    Iceland is big on my list, Croatia, the fjords in Scandinavia, Alaska, go back to the maritimes, Spain, Portugal, japan, australia ....I could continue but the list goes on!

  4. Lisa, so glad you are filling up your `travel tank' right now :) The list does just go on hey?

  5. Maybe a trip every 2 years (we are not big travelers)...hawaii, tahiti, italy/greece, maritimes.
    go on more dinners out as a couple and as a family (i know this sounds tiny but we never eat out, so it would be a big deal!).
    I'd like to get a bike!
    and most of all: home reno's/updating.

  6. Kelly-`dinners out' does not sound tiny. It is a big expense. We eat out as a family maybe once every 3 months or so? I figure it saves us a lot of money to eat at home so we can save to travel! If we were to eat out 2X a month that would probably be an extra $100+/month. So, over one year, that's $1200 in savings!

  7. I think we would buy an RV and then travel more, but within North America...I'm not quite as adventurous and I don't LOVE flying. There are definitely still places that I would like to go like Africa, more of Australia, Italy too.

  8. I am not adventurous like you, Louise. I like to travel a little, but not too often - I am a real homebody and we have chosen to have a cottage instead of travelling a lot. I think the top vacation to date has been the Holy Hand tour we went on - perhaps you should add that to your list!