Monday, March 31, 2014

22 Months

Oh boy, almost two weeks behind.  I do these monthly updates until they are two and she's almost there!! So excited to do her two year old photos and to set up her big girl room...all in May.  

So, what has the last month brought?  Fewer naps.  More `WHAT?!  Why?!' `All right' `Oh tay' .  More trying to do everything on her own.  

She has started really loving the stereotypical girl things.  We have always had strollers, shopping cars and dolls in our home but the boys rarely played with them. Nya does all the time.  She has grown very attached to her baby (who must wear a hat) and one of receiving blankets that she, like the boys, calls her Bubi.  She has started singing a lot more and her favourites are `Happy Birthday' and `Jesus Loves Me'.  She often likes to pray about 4 times during dinner and it sounds like this; `God. Georgie. Amen!'.

It was about 17 C while I took these photos but she refused to wear a sun hat and I thought a toque would at least protect the top of her head when we were playing outside.  You can see the massive bruise on her cheek from falling off the kitchen chair a few days ago.

{Her special blankie and very important baby named `Baby'}
{Reading to her baby}

And to make note of...this is a terrible photo but this girl really enjoys her `hot-tee' and has a pretty sweet shot already.  In this case, I will compare.  Way ahead of where her brothers were at this age... 

We love you so much Miss Nya!  You brighten our days and we are so thankful for you.

Love, Louise (Mommy)

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