Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trust Your Gut

I'm going to blog about our trip to Green Lake but just wanted to post a little tidbit about trusting your gut.  When Kai was sick 3 weeks ago, I knew it was more than just food poisoning by the 4th day when his fever was still high.  He had no diarrhea so that is not consistent with food poisoning.  I even took him to two different doctors and both were not that concerned saying it was food poisoning or a viral infection of sorts.   I have this idea in my head that doctors don't want me doing my own research and they wouldn't listen to me anyway and they know best.  I have a great family doctor but I still feel like I shouldn't question them.  Not sure if it's just my perception or reality.  I'm just scared they are going to think I'm a crazy mom.

  Anyway, over that week, Kai was very sick.  Lethargic, feverish, no appetite. All he did was sleep and moan about his sore stomach.  I did my research for several hours over the week.  Looking up his symptoms.  Looking up Chiang Mai.  Looking at images.  Once his legs developed the giant bruise, I knew it must be Dengue Fever.  I went to the doctor and said, `Look at his legs, I'm concerned he has Dengue Fever'.  He took a look at his legs, googled it, and then said he would send him for a blood test.  I went back to the clinic today with Koen (going on 10 days of `digestive issues') and asked about Kai's final test results.   He had been preliminary diagnosed based on low platelets.  The receptionist said there was nothing unusual with them, negative results.  REALLY??  He didn't have Dengue Fever? What did he have then?  When I saw the doctor, I mentioned that I hadn't heard from him so assumed Kai was fine?  He looked it up and printed up the results. Yes, Kai had tested positive for Dengue Fever.  The results had been in a WEEK AGO.

It is important for his medical history to know what he has had.  It's important for me to know.  True, there is no treatment for him but it was good to know what to look for in case it got worse.  ANYWAY, my point is, had I just stopped after the first doctor visit, I never would've known.  Think about if he had something that did require treatment?  Or if it turned out to be hemorrhagic Dengue? (deadly).   I'm not saying anything against the doctors.  They are awesome and hard working and I always wanted to be one.  I just think that as parents, we shouldn't feel bad about being persistent and it's good to advocate for our kids sometimes beyond what we feel comfortable with.  I felt kind of dumb going back a third time.  But, I'm so glad that I did.   So, if you ever aren't sure, better to be safe than sorry, right?!  

Trust your gut, people.  Don't ever feel bad about getting a second opinion. Or a third:)


  1. Wow, that's unbelievable! Glad you kept at it and found out the results even though it meant YOU had to follow up on something THEY should have given you accurately and timely.

  2. Amen Louise. I had to do the same thing when I developed malaria symptoms a day after arriving back from Africa the first time as a visitor. I spent 9 hours at the ER for them to tell me that they had to send my blood-work to another hospital. Dr's looked on internet and told me to keep taking my prophylaxis dose I'd been taking while there. Fortunately, I knew that w. malaria you assume it is and treat until proven otherwise, and the prophylaxis I was taking could also be used as treatment at quadruple the dose. I didn't get my results till a week later. W malaria I could have been dead if I'd waited that long! Dr's here just don't know much about tropical diseases!

  3. Way to follow your gut!