Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Weekend

This afternoon we went to Campbell Valley Park to feed the birds.  I think the birds were full:)  We went with my sister Maria, her husband Kris, and their 4 girls.  So easy as our kids just get along really well.  The oldest kids, Ani and Kai, are just 6 months apart and then the youngest two, Georgia and Nya, are 6 weeks apart.  
Kai was super pumped he got a bird.  
Two funny things that Kai has said this weekend:
1.  After a good meal by Gary he said, `Mom, I think Dad is ready for `Chopped' now'
2.  While helping me hang the laundry on the clothesline for the first time, `This is a sort of an interesting experience'.
Kai did not have an official birthday this year.  Opi, my dad, did take him out for McDonalds which he loved.  He also brought back a meal for Koen (very thoughtful) and ice cream for us:)
Then, on Thursday Gary and I took Kai, Koen and my nieces Ani and Izzy to Splashdown Waterslides for his birthday.  We were able to use three coupons so only had to pay for three of us.  Way more affordable.  My sister Maria took Nya for the morning/afternoon which made our day so easy.  When the youngest is 4.5? Oh wow, SO EASY!!!  The last hour I just sat at the bottom of the slides and watched them come down.  I could've probably read a book or something!
I had a photo shoot at Redwood Park on Friday so Gary and the kiddos came to play on the playground and then we had a little picnic.
Koen got a new Star Wars Lego clock.  He loves it.  He loves Lego Star Wars and he loves numbers/time.
Gary is going to be laying (?) cement tomorrow to extend our patio.  He's going to do a smaller section first as he's never done it before.
We had a barbeque at my sister's house on Saturday and almost everyone was there (minus Jackie, Tyler and Isaac who are camping).  We all got cuddles with the littlest babe, Grace. She looks just like her big sis and is filling out quickly! She'll surpass Nya in no time!
Nya had a crazy reaction to either whole milk or kiwi.  I think it was kiwi.  She got hives all over her legs and weird sores on her cheeks.  She's had it for two days so I hope it clears up soon! Below she is eating beef curry with pineapples and yummy and she loves to feed herself. I don't even know what this expression is but you can see she has some work to do on her accuracy with feeding herself.
Made a super yummy Blueberry Strawberry Cobbler.  I need to buy a bunch of blueberries to freeze for the winter!  You can find the recipe here.
And because I have a couple more pictures of Kai Bear, here he is.  He is completely better and his appetite is back with a vengeance!  He won't stop eating! 
Kai has gorgeous hazel/green eyes and Nya will have the same.  
Kai said that the best part of being married is that one adult can stay home with the kids so the other adult can go out.  So true!  Not sure it's the best part but WOW, I LOVE THE FREEDOM RIGHT NOW!!!   I can go for a run in the morning, I can go shopping (did Gary's back to school shopping) great.

Talking about exercise, I'm thinking of buying a small machine to work out with.  I've had a manual treadmill, elliptical, and a bike.  I used them all quite a bit (each for 2 years...they were second hand and not the best condition) but am looking for something else.  I always need it for the fall as Gary has basketball and if I want to get some exercise in, it needs to be in our home.  Thoughts?

Hope you had a great weekend!!
Love, Louise

PS Someone is turning 35 this week!! Not sure it's that exciting. The big 40 will be way more exciting and I'm planning on going to Vegas for it:)


  1. looks like a fun weekend! I love that Kai said Gary is ready for Chopped. I'd cheer for him :D
    I think every 5th birthday is significant, so I think you should celebrate big for 35 (maybe not as big as vegas, but you know...).

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    What about a rowing machine? I love love love them. Maybe Costco (online?) sells them!?

  3. Happy birthday Kai & Louise!!