Sunday, August 18, 2013

Green Lake Summer 2013

  On the 13th, Gary and I went on a date! Yahoo!  We went to `Date Night' at Eighteen 27 in Fort Langley.  Three course meal for two for $39.99.   There were some additional rules to this that we found out when we got there.  Each person had to order a drink (add $10) and you share the appetizer and dessert.  Would've been good to know that info ahead of time!  I had the ribs (as usual, I always get them!) and they were really good.    I gave it 8/10, Gary gave his salmon and experience  a 7/10. 
We have committed to date night once a month.  In June, we went to Cactus Club and it was really, really good.  I loved it and was surprised how much I loved it.  We did have gift cards which made the experience much nicer because you aren't thinking about the money you are spending!  
The picture above is from our Cactus Club date and that bread appetizer was AWESOME.  I also got ribs there:)
For my birthday, this is going to sound terrible, but I got a bunch of alcohol.  Beer and then wine.  Gary had the kids decorate labels and then he wrote on the inside.  I don't drink a lot.  Maybe a glass of wine three times a week?  I think because I didn't drink for so long (pregnant, bfing) I really do enjoy it now!  Anyway, the birthday was pretty uneventful.  I think next year I will spoil myself with the spa or something.  I'm very low maintenance (in my opinion) but I really do enjoy being `spoiled'.  Not with gifts, but experiences.  And loving words.
On my birthday, we drove up to Green Lake.  This is the best sight you could see; Babes sleeping on the way up!!!  Okay, so she only slept 30 minutes and then the other 5 hours were spent pointing out of the window saying `Mama! Mama!' meaning `I want outside!!!'  She has started nodding yes and no to questions, it is amazing!!  She can `tell' us what she wants. So great.
The power was out for 12 hours when we got there.  Not ideal.  We had lasagna on the bbq.  The next night we had a greek pasta salad with bbq chicken. Yum.
Nya had this funky rash for over a week.  No idea what it is.  She is teething so that's what I'm assuming it is.
The boys went on the quad
and they went canoeing.  Kai loved canoeing.  Kai and Koen LOVE Amazing Race Canada.  Kai is determined to be a mom/son team in 9 years.  He told me I needed to `train' paddling with him in preparation.  He talks about the race every single day.  He's trying to figure out what our team name will be and what sort of training we should work on. 
We played some Balongoball.
There is a fire ban so we couldn't make s'mores but we could make s'morepedoes!!  Put mini marshmallows and chocolate in  a waffle cone, packed full, cover in aluminum foil, and bbq for 5 minutes. YUM! So good and way neater to eat:)
We did a hike together, just 10 minutes away at Mt. Begbie.
The boys loved the hike.  I carried Nya up but she wanted OUT. 
So we took a different path down and she did the whole thing on her own!! Her first hike!
On the last day, my dad flew in to visit.  He landed on a private air strip just 5 km down the road.  It's on the grass field!  You can see his co-pilot on the leash; Boom Boom.  My dad is hilarious because he's just so random.  So, he hung out with us for the afternoon and then I drove him back to the plane.
I forgot to say that Kai vomited the first night and Koen did the second night.  I think our kids are still struggling with some residual stuff from the SE Asia trip.  Nya is teething but still sleeping pretty well at night.

The kids had fun so that's good.  I was able to finish editing a session and even read a book! The joys of not having cable or internet:)  
When we got home, we picked out our new pet.  Swimmy Gordie Chapman. Kai picked `Swimmy' and Koen picked `Gordie'.   This is as much pet responsibility as I can handle.
Kai starts hockey camp this week and he's excited!   It's just ball hockey, not ice.

Not sure if you follow the news but there was a ferry that sunk outside of Cebu, Philippines.  It is the same ferry company that we used (2Go), and the same port.  It was coming from a different island, but still.  So devastating.  800 people aboard and almost 100 missing/dead.  It had collided with a tanker.  Once again, I am so thankful for our safety on our trip and my heart grieves for all of those that have lost loved ones.

I'm off to a couple of family sessions's awesomely cloudy so should be good.  Hope you had a good weekend.

Love, Louise


  1. After you mentioning about the ferry sinking, I did notice an article in our paper about it. News of disasters like this always hit extra hard when it is place you have recently been.

  2. Ali, yes it's gone now! The rash ended up going on her arms and legs too and she had it for 2 weeks. I don't know if it was a food allergy or eczema or teething or a virus or what. I kept her home from church for 2 weeks and no one else got it so guess nothing contagious. Does it look like anything to you Nurse Ali?

  3. I read about the ferry and thought of you guys and mango smoothies - So tragic. Thanks to your trip I now know where Cebu is..

  4. And.. a belated Happy Birthday, there is nothing wrong with getting lots of alcohol. I will be requesting a few bottles of wine after this next baby ;)

  5. Looks like a great time!
    I've always wanted to go to the Mt. Begbie summit but hadn't yet. You inspired me, so we went. Beautiful view from the top!

  6. Ashley, so fun that you went! Did you geocache there? That is where we did our very first geocache years ago!

  7. I didn't realize there was a geocache there. We'll have to go back!

  8. Your trip to Green Lake sounds amazing. Do you have a house there? I wish I could talk with your boys about TARC:) No one else watches it:) I hope that show goes on for more than one season. I love your fish, Swimmy:) Is he a Beta fish? We had blue Betas as our centre pieces at our wedding, and we kept one for awhile...:)

  9. My dad owns a house there that we are allowed to stay at. It's actually where Gary and I got married so it does have special meaning to us when we go up :)