Sunday, August 25, 2013

Menchies Makes the Summer Top 5 List

It's been a week since I blogged!! Miss me?   So what have we been up to?

Zumba: I went and it was okay but I didn't love it as much as I thought.  It was a room full of Lululemon in a club...I'm more of a hiking wearing MEC clothes girl.  Going hiking next weekend with Lynette and looking forward to it!

Sickness: Nya had a fever for two days but seems okay now.  Not a teething fever, a high one.  Her two lower molars are making their way through and it's going to take a month...she doesn't teeth well.  Back up at 4 or 5am for a feed.

Work: I've had five photo sessions this week.  Now I have two weeks to get caught up before my next session. Phew.  Gary goes back to work tomorrow!! This is a good thing.  Space is healthy for our marriage and we haven't had a whole lot of it in the last 8 weeks :)  I hope to start subbing once a week and the end of September is busy with two weddings in a row (we usually just do one per month).

Playdates: Lots.  I'm not good with too many as it throws everything off balance (getting work done while Nya sleeps, cleaning while the kids play nicely etc).  I need to limit this to one per week too or I end up having to work til 11pm which is not fun.

Smoothies: Started having smoothies for breakfast packed with fruit, veggies and flax.  If you have a recipe you'd recommend, please let me know!!  I need something healthy that astes good.  My kids are way better at eating their fruits and veggies than I am.  So far, it's been really good.

Hockey Camp: Kai had a week of hockey camp in the mornings.  It was just run by the city so nothing fancy.  He loved it though so that was great.  It was a week of playing hockey which got his muscles back in shape after his illness.  Glad he loved it!

Cement: Gary finished off the cement pad and learned a bit in the process.  May have to refinish the top after the winter:)  Thanks Gary!

Church: I asked the kids if they wanted to go to church or go hiking.  They chose church.  My vote was to go hiking as I wanted to do Lower Falls with them :)  Oh well, I had fun hanging out in the nursery with all the mommas and babies.  Nya did not want me to leave her alone. At all.  She is G.R.U.M.P.Y.
I have no idea what these spy glasses are for.  Koen made them in Sunday School and proceeded to play `Spy' with his stuffed animals all afternoon.  He is sooooo good at playing by himself.  He has a fabulous imagination.
Menchies: I have several groupons and today we went.  It made the top 5 events of the summer for them.  They loved it and cannot wait to go back.  They are putting `Menchies gift cards' on their Christmas list.
Shopping: While in South Surrey, we did a quick shop at the GAP outlet while our kids ran wild.  I need to replace a lot of my clothes and apparently Gary and I like stripes?   Gary also got a green long sleeved dress shirt that looks pretty good on him :)  It helps that everything was on sale, and up to 60% off.  It's probably good we went with the kids so I didn't have time to do any more shopping.  
Babysitting: We babysat Isaac one day this week and also will next week.  He's so easy to take care of as he loves all of our toys and the kids play well with him.  He spent over an hour on the trampoline, by himself, jumping on top of the balls. Him and Nya could live outside.
Hung out with sisters: Had playdates and took some pictures of my littlest niece Grace.  Her big sister Hannah had zero desire to be in the photos.  
Back To School: Had some back to school photo sessions.  Here are some pictures of Koen.  I love having the kids write their own name because it allows you to see how cute their writing was when you look back a year later.  Koen wanted to wear his hat:)  My kids did not get a lot in the way of new school clothes.  Some jeans and runners. That's it. No new shirts.  They just have so many already.  They don't care at all about clothes so that's good.  Well, a shirt with Mario or Pokemon is cool to them but that's about it. Oh, and Koen likes this hat.
Koen is just going back to preschool.  Sooooo ready for kindergarten but he's a January baby!
Kai is looking forward to going to school but he doesn't care who is in his class or who his teacher is.  So easy going that way.  

All righty, time to relax as tomorrow it's back to `normal'!  Three kids at home and Gary goes to work!  We'll be going to visit the kids daycare so they can familiarize themselves with it and she can get to know them briefly.  I've been making meals and freezing them in preparation for Gary going back :)  

Have a great week!

Love, Louise

PS Don't forget to tell me your favourite healthy smoothie recipe!!!


  1. Sorry, but I have no healthy smoothie recipes. . . I like WAY too much sugar in mine! The advantage to Koen being a Jan baby (I am also) is that he'll always be the oldest, or nearly the oldest in his class and I remember that being a really good thing through school! Hope the first week back to "normal" goes well for you all! Can't wait to hear how your subbing goes- you're such a fabulous teacher that I'm sure it will go well!

  2. i do frozen blue berries (make it super cold) water, an activia yogurt, flax seed (ground), handful of freash spinach!

  3. Please do a post with some smoothie recipes! I'd love to sneak more veggies into Noahs diet and he loves smoothies :)

  4. I make a lot of smoothies. But I don't have a specific recipe, I just throw in whatever I have in the house. Lately it's been lots of strawberries/blueberries/frozen berry mix, banana, nectarine, plum, some greek yogurt, milk or cranraspberry juice, and LOTS of spinach, sometimes some honey to taste. Might have to change it up when this fruit goes out of season.