Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Life is good.  It feels good to be home and back into routines and just having space to run around!  We've just been doing the usual; family bike rides to the park, swimming in the FREE outdoor pools (yay Surrey!), garage sale-ing, visiting sisters, walking to the grocery store, Gary and I getting to run on opposite mornings etc.   We've definitely had oodles of family time this past month and I'm looking forward to getting away with Gary one day.  And you know what?  We might be able to do that sooner than later BECAUSE NYA SLEPT 12 HOURS STRAIGHT TWO DAYS IN A ROW.    The molars came through (took almost 6 weeks!) and she now has 10/20 teeth.   I think Gary's parents might be able to take them for one night if she sleeps through..will check on that:) 
The day after Kai's birthday is Gary's!  So, we had homemade ice cream sandwiches and then went to Crescent Beach (along with thousands of other people!) and had fish and chips.  So overpriced, it drives me bonkers, but whatever.  Happy 38th birthday to Gary!!  What did he get? A loving hug:) Ha, we are going out for dinner for both of our birthdays next week.
I know I look like a crazy mom but if these kids don't have some structured activities, they are going to kill each other.  Nya got to join in on the school work :)  She's colouring with crayons.  I know I'm all teacher-y but I think it's good to keep it up over the summer.
We love our basement. Love it.  We can send the kids down, unsupervised, and have some freedom!!  It's nice and cool down there too.  The gates have now been removed from the stairs and Nya is free to roam as she pleases.  Kai does get to play Wii (Koen has no desire and his skill level is uh, lacking) and then they just play hockey and soccer too. 
Nya has been so great the past few days.  I think she has finally adjusted to being home.  She is happy, loves to dance, and looooooooooooooves to eat fruit.  We went to the park this morning and now she does the slide on her own...
All right, Gary took the boys to the pool so I should get some things off of the `To Do' list while babes sleeps.   It is so great to see Kai healthy and happy again.  Except for the ample energy to bug his brother, that drives me crazy.

Oh, I forgot to say that I am going to start subbing in September.  I really want to see if part time teaching is something I would like to do again (I'm really thinking it is) and subbing will be the perfect way to test it out.  I am only doing one photography session/week and then hopefully subbing one day per week too.   

Hope you are having a great week!!

Love, Louise


  1. I know subbing isn't for everyone, but I LOVE it! There are definitely things I miss about having my own class, but being able to sub in the same schools really helps as I know all the kids by name and get to see their development a bit through the year. I love that I get to teach and interact with kids every day, but don't have the prep, meetings, marking, etc. It allows much more of a life than I had when I had my own class. I love the variety of different classes and different schools (though I know some subs find that hard.) And, though it's really surprised me, I really love elementary! I hope you like it as much as I do!

  2. Great to hear that you're getting back into the teaching!
    Looking forward to seeing the family pictures up on the blog! Glad that Kai is feeling better and that you're getting back into your routine. My Mom totally made us do those books in the summer too and I loved it! Do they have them for pre-pre-k?

  3. Nancy-really excited to sub and NOT have meetings!!
    Kelsey-I know, it will be a fun change! Looking forward to getting at those family photos this afternoon:) I think preschool is the youngest book we have gotten so not sure!
    Ali-three nights now! Yahoo! I don't feel all better, I think it will take a month of good sleep but I def. feel much nicer:)

  4. Oh my..Dengue Fever? that can be scary..am SOOO glad he is ok! I hope he has a fun bday party, whenever you get around to planning it!

  5. Ah, i totally get the 'feeling' of this post. love it. I am anxious to have this at-home, regular routine again after being away and crazy-busy for the past 3 weeks (the 1wk holiday, 1 crazy busy week, another 1wk holiday).
    YAY Nya - YAAAAY :)