Sunday, August 04, 2013

Kai Bear Turns Seven

A quick look back to the little guy who changed our lives more than anything else.  It was a really hard adjustment for me but now I just can't imagine my life not being a mom.  We love our Kai Bear!

Happy birthday to my Kai Bear. We didn't have a fun birthday planned as he is just recovered from Dengue Fever.   Yes, that is what he had! Not contagious, passed on by mosquitoes, acquired in Chiang Mai.  No long term health effects...just waiting for his platelet levels to get back to normal.  Platelets are vital to blood clotting so I was tipped off to Dengue as soon as I saw the capillaries in his legs had burst.  It can be a very dangerous disease if it progresses to hemorrhagic dengue fever but his platelet levels are not that far outside of the norm.  
We will be taking him, Koen and two cousins to the waterslides to celebrate his birthday this year.  I just don't have the energy or desire to put together a Pokemon Birthday Party.   It's also that he doesn't have `best friends', he's just friends with everyone, so who do we invite?  Regardless, I feel like I suck a bit but oh well.  For the actual day yesterday we played hockey as a family and went to Gary's parents house and had pizza and ice cream, he seemed to find that very fun so that's good.  He got a new Wii game for his birthday from us.

What is new with Kai Bear?
He started calling us dad and mom now.  I'm a bit sad about this.  I loved it that he called me `Mommy' up until now.  It started in public a month ago and now he does it full time.  He'll still hold my hand in public though:)
He has acquired some new habits which make Gary and I look at each other like `Uh, does he think that's funny?'.   Just new dance moves and voices that he thinks are funny.  They're not.  They are embarrassing:)
He loves all sports still and especially hockey.  We signed him up for ball hockey camp which he will love.  We are doing it in the summer because he is at school for extended hours during the school year so I don't want to add to that.
He loves his brother and sister and knows how to drive Koen crazy.  They bug each other all day long and yet, they are such good buds.  On our trip, he really wanted to be in charge and babysit the kids.  He said he would just charge us 300 pesos:) (about $10)
He loves all competition, races and anything to do with numbers.  He is gifted in math.
We bond over reading...right now we are reading `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' together.
He loves to play hockey, badminton or Wii with Gary.
I just took a couple of photos of him this afternoon.  It is soooo good to see him looking normal again!  For the whole week he was flushed and weak and sleeping and miserable.  His eyes were barely open.  So hard to see your kids sick, especially if it's not a disease you are familiar with.
The picture above is so Kai and it reminds me a bit of his cousin Jayden.   He has still only lost 1 tooth but I'm very happy about that.  I'm not ready for the stage where there are gaps and big teeth and all that jazz.  He's about 60 lbs and size 1 shoes so very average for his age in regards to size.
I love all of his freckles.  So cute.  I hope he is never embarrassed by them.

Oh Kai Bear.  We love you very much.  Happy 7th birthday.

Love, Mommy, Daddy (oops, I guess Mom and Dad), Koen and Nya.


  1. Happy birthday, Kai!! I love his freckles too :) Glad he's feeling better!

  2. Yep, he's getting tall! They're definitely out of the 'little kid' stage and into the big kid stage! love his freckles and glad he's on the mend :) happy birthday Kai!

  3. oh wow! Happy birthday big guy! He nad LJ look soooo much alike!

  4. I love your blog:) Your son (all your kids ) are adorable! Happy birthday, Kai!