Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smiles Brought To You By...

Gary's smile is brought to you by: A new Canon 5D Mark III
He knows if he asks long enough (several years), I always cave.  Lucky, lucky guy.  
Now, who will get to use it when we are both shooting a wedding?  
This is our only business purchase of 2013, I can tell you that!
{PS This is probably the most excited you will ever see Gary.  Smile + thumbs up?! Wow.  He's very happy.}
Nya's smile is brought to you by Advil.  


  1. Two products VERY worth smiling for!!! :)
    (ok, maybe one more than the other?)

  2. gary looks like he's lost weight, well done gary.
    and nyas smile is so ridiculously sneaky. love it.