Friday, February 15, 2013

Date Night!

Last night Gary's parents came over so we could go on a super speed date:)  So nice of them to give up part of their Valentine's Day to hang out with our crazy kids.   In two hours we went out for Indian Food at our local Curry Express, so fast and pretty good!  I love naan bread made properly!  Then went to Menchies for my first time (had a groupon), and then we shopped for half an hour at `The Shops'.  Gary got 2 t-shirts and a pair of pants, I got 2 t-shirts, and Nya got 3 shirts and a pair of pants.  Each item was on clearance:)  We also picked up a bottle of wine and had a glass while we watched `The Office'.  It is amazing how just two hours of `freedom' with just the two of us can be so good.  We really need to do that more often.  Maybe not the shopping part as that could really add up:)
{Yes, terrible photo but must document that we went on a real date!  Look how tired I look!!}
It's amazing how much we can catch up on our lives when we are not parenting.  We could just focus on ourselves/each other.  Miss that.
Looking forward to 9pm.  Shark Tank and another glass of wine:)
Have a wonderful weekend.  

Love, Louise


  1. mmmm menchies! what flavors did you get? i have a groupon too just have to get down there to use it:)
    glad u got out to actually celebrate on love day.

  2. nut-i had a mocha flavour and a pecan one. Pretty good!! I have two more groupons to use this year and I don't think the kids are going to be using them:)

  3. I had the same mix last weekend. SOOOO delicious. Kris always gets cake batter, every time.

  4. Glad to hear you had a good time going out together.

  5. Love Menchie's!! Get the tart yogurt - so good!!