Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Weekend and Two Teeth

On Saturday, Gary and I had a wedding to shoot and it went well.  Phew. No rain and I loved shooting in New West for a change!  It was my first time leaving all three kids with someone (Gary's parents) for 8 hours and being away from Nya for that long.  What did I think of it? Well, I missed Nya so much!  I feel like she's still way too little to leave for so long.  She also refused the bottle but fortunately just ate food instead.
{Her eyes are so beautiful!!! They are starting to turn a bit greener.}

Our little Nya has changed so much this month.  More than any month in her little life.  She is crawling, sitting confidently, pulling herself up to standing and today she even let go! Crazy kid.  Full of bumps and bruises.  I thought she wouldn't be walking until after she was a year old considering how long it took her to start crawling but I think she's making up for lost time now!  She also has two teeth. Wow.  For each tooth, there was at least one sleepless night and two VERY irritable days.  Last night was the bad one.  Up from 3:30am onwards.  Not fun!  Not that the other nights are much better. Ha.  Doesn't help that she is on her fourth or fifth cold.
{Two teeth!}

On Sunday, we skipped church because Nya has a cold and the boys were going to the Canucks Super Skills competition.  Kai was soooooooooooooooo excited.  He is into any sport and throw in some competition and it's heaven for him.  Koen was just excited to see a Zamboni.  In the morning, I ran 5km, then Gary did.  It was easy enough to run but it took everything out of me energy wise, so, I'm not doing the race next weekend.  Lame. Oh well.  Health first.  Time to find a good yoga program.  Did I tell you that I have my third sinus infection in 3 months?  Who knew that it is common with those that have Graves' Disease?  Not me, until recently.  Boo.
{They went with Kris and my nieces, Ani and Izzy}
{Mascot Musical Chairs, another highlight for Koen}

{Apparently they had pizza afterwards}

Sunday night we went out for sushi with all my sisters, Joanne, and her daughters.  8 women.  All you can eat. So good!  Annelise and Trisha are both pregnant.  I was feeling terrible from my run so I couldn't eat very much:(  I think that I was dehydrated and then just had no energy.  It doesn't tire my muscles out, it's like it takes every last reserve that I have and makes me feel miserable.  Lesson learned.  Will wait until my thyroid is behaving.
{We all look like sisters, don't we?}
Monday was Family Day. So great.  Gary helped our friends move in the morning and then we took the kids to the pool in the afternoon.  We didn't even go when the deal was on and it was still CRAZY there.  Oh man, the change rooms make me want to vomit with the smell of urine and whatever else. Yuck.  Gary pretty much took the boys and I had Nya.  When Kai went to the waterslide, then I would take Koen too.  Nya was sooooooooo cute in her one piece blue bathing suit.  With yellow bows.  She was giggling and splashing and so happy.  Can't wait to see all the kiddos on a sandy beach in the sun!  Then, my dad took the boys out for `coffee' which they LOVED.
{Terrible picture of the boys.  I cut their hair this weekend and used a pinterest thingy for help.  Should've stuck with how I always do it.  Poor Gary.  At least he doesn't care.  And, just because I'm proud of Gary...he is now wearing a size smaller in his pants size.  This is the first time in 12 years! I likey!!}

I've been busy selling stuff.  Time to get rid of as much stuff as I can as I don't like clutter and if we need more clothes for Kai, I better make some money selling Nya's!

I know this is boring.  But, it's our life and I'm thankful for it.  And you know, it's a really good thing that my fallopian tubes are out.  I could not do this thyroid journey with a baby again.  If I had gotten Graves' Disease after Kai (instead of Koen), who knows if we would've gone for a third.  Who knows if we would have had our beautiful baby girl?

All right, kids are in bed...time to work!

Love, Louise


  1. None of your blogs are ever boring (just so you know). :) Also, when we went to the Skills Competetion last year, the Mascot Musical chairs was by far the highlight for Adam! So funny!

  2. I'm with Terri - not boring :) I, too, love the day-to-day posts. Alf and I agreed that the pool on Family Day was a big no-no. waaaaay too busy and gross :) You are brave! but the kids are in swimming lessons right now anyway, so I felt it was an easy one to slip by them ;)