Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Loves

Love my family.  I don't know if we've ever had such a rough go as this last little bit.  It's Nya.  Thank goodness the boys are easy these days.  The nights are ridiculous.  She's not hungry, she's just in pain.  I can't let a baby in pain cry. On that note, I'm reading `Grace Based Parenting' right now and Chapter 5 has really been timely for me, I'll talk about it more some other time.  I'm going to try to take her to the doctor tomorrow to see if it's an ear infection or if it's just her chest congestion + teething which is making her really difficult at night.

This lack of sleep is not making Gary and I feel very lovey dovey towards each other.  In fact, a dream Valentine's night would be 12 hours in a sound proof hotel room.  By myself!!  Oh, I can't wait to sleep again!!!  I may have thrown a bag of potatoes in frustration last night.  So tired.
Kai.  My first born son.  He is awesome.  He loves hockey and plays it for at least one hour a day every day.  He loves reading and reads at least one hour a day.  His class did a play in chapel yesterday (which I missed due to a miscommunication) and he read out this prayer (sorry, hard to hear!) in front of the school.  He is so helpful and loves his siblings with all his heart.  I remember him being a baby and now he's in this big boy body.  It's so strange.  He doesn't like to cuddle with me (well, he pretends not to anyway) so I savour the times that I can get him to read with me.  I slow him down though because he'd rather speed read in his head.    He has taught me to wonder how everything works and if we don't know, we look it up.  He has made me even more interested in the world around me. 
Koen.  My big 4 year old.  I savour this time with him as soon enough, he will be away at school.  He is very good at independent play and will spend his time playing cars.  He does love playing board games with anyone who will play with him.  He does not love writing or drawing.  He will play hockey with Kai but prefers to be the Zamoboni.  He told me the low point of his day is when I work in the office.  Boo, I don't like to hear that.  He also told me that I'm beautiful and always happy.  Hilarious because I'm a grumpy zombie these days.  He loves to race to the couch and cuddle.  He is such a character and always makes us laugh.  Prayer is very important to him so if you have anything you would like prayed for, I'll let him know.  He prays with such passion, it's so cute.  He is our wrestling machine.  Watch out, he will jump on you.  He has taught me to remain silly.  Make up songs.  Do a dance.  Hug it out.
My petite baby girl.  I love her.  She is going to be uh, the most interesting child to deal with, I can tell already.  Although she is easy going, she has a stubborn streak and let's it be made known.  Getting her in her car seat is already a big chore.  Trying to get medicine in her, or a bottle, is impossible most of the time.   She knows what she wants and don't you dare get in her way.  She will keep me humble.  She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on everything.   She is sweet and happy and pretty cute:)  She has taught me that joy can return.  She is also teaching me to remain humble and I'm assuming teenage Nya will continue to do the same.  She has affirmed that I really need to trust God's timing.   
When I see these two together, it makes me smile.
When I see these three together, it makes me smile.
They sure love their `Maya' `Cutie'.  Koen can't pronounce Nya so he calls her Maya.  Kai just says `Cutie, Cutie Cutes!' and I tend to do the same.

And Gary.  We are not feeling the love right now, I can tell you that!  However, we are 100% committed to each other and do love each other.  We find moments to smile and laugh and hug.  Sleep deprivation is ridiculous.  (And, I don't need to hear about sleep training, I'm not about to do anything while she's so congested and sick and teething.)  

I appreciate how hard Gary works for our family.  I appreciate how he makes meals.  I appreciate how he wrestles with the kids.  I appreciate how he keeps his mouth shut when he really doesn't want to. Gracious.  I'm not myself these days and it's tough.   I see the light, I know we will get there!
We have so much growing left to do. Thankfully we (hopefully!) have another 40 years or so to learn how to work together and build each other up. 
I love my family.  I look forward to growing and stretching and experiencing life together.  And being well rested.

I hope you have a great weekend.  We're almost there:)

Love, Louise


  1. Here's hoping that things soon improve in the sleep department for you and Nya. Hang in there - "this too shall pass!"

  2. ooo I love your honesty!

  3. Sorry re: sleeplessness. Is that a word? I must say though, your kids are gorgeous. I can't get over how lovely each is on their own. Imagining the chaos with all three!

  4. Love the pictures, especially when Nya is pulling Koen's ear ;)

  5. Hugs! Again, I wish I lived next door :(