Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Five

1.  After a ridonculous night with Nya on Monday (I went to bed at 11:30pm per usual) and she woke up at 1:19am and was up until 5am!!!!!  She then went back to sleep for 2 hours.  So ya, 4 hours sleep for me. Terrible.  It was because she was sounding pretty croup-ish/barking like a seal.  I have a feeling she has the same sorta respiratory system as Koen.  They just get colds bad. They last forever.  Last night I tried this with her (we had used it for Kai) and I loved it.  Can't say what her night would've been without it, but man, no barking.  It's homeopathic and all natural ingredients.  Sounds good to me!
2.  Usually for me to lose weight, it's a simple A+B=C.  Excercise + Healthy Eating = weight loss and fitness.  Well, I feel like it's now very complicated.  Like a quadratic equation.  The small issues are breastfeeding, a busted jaw (can't eat raw veggies unless I want even more pain), a chronic sinus infection causing fatigue and congestion (3 months!), and time.  The big issue is an autoimmune disease that creates havoc on my hormones/body/thyroid etc.    I'm weak.  I'm sore walking up stairs.  I'm still doing quite well in comparison to last time but man, I want my normal body back.  I think I need a fitness routine which involves minimal cardio and I don't muscle are weak.  I'm thinking yoga would be good.   Anyway, just frustrated.  Thinking it's time to get in shape but not sure how to approach it with all of these variables.  I've got 10 lbs that really need to go to be healthy and fit comfortably in my clothes.  I want to be able to whip out a 5km run and feel fine afterwards.    

3.  Gary and I are doing a fundraiser to raise money for Surrey Christian School as they are building a new primary campus.  For two more weeks, the donations are being matched by an anonymous donor so I really want to donate $1000.00 (and therefore it would really be $2000.00) through this workshop we are putting on.  We have 20 spots and so far 11 are taken.  If you know anyone who would like to get to know their DSLR a bit better, please send them my way!  It may be time to put it on my personal fb page which isn't my favourite thing to do...

4.  I go to a Mom's Group at our church once a week.  Child care for the kids!  Time to drink a coffee and talk with other momma's.  Love it.  We are doing `Grace Based Parenting' and although it's not earth shattering, there's always something to get out of it.  Love that time, once a week, when I get some me time during the day without the kiddos.

5. One of the things my mom gave us before she died was a recipe book with all our favourite recipes. Gary and I have great memories with various food and are planning on making our own little Chapman cookbook for the kids to have.    The problem is taking pictures of these meals (I want a lot of pictures in it!) as once the food is on the table, it's go time!  So ya, that is our plan.  Our goal.  Thirty recipes.  I think I'll just make it via shutterfly or blurb or something.  We'll see.  Maybe we'll have a new edition every few years:)  

All right, time to get to work!  



  1. Put me down for a Chapman family cookbook. With your photo skills and Gary's cooking you should have a pretty marketable product ;)

  2. Your recipe book is a great idea!