Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nya Cutie Pants

I'm supposed to be working as Nya is napping but I just wanted to share some pictures of her:)  These were taken with the new camera in early morning/low light at ISO 1000.  That is a pretty high ISO and I wanted to see how much noise (graininess) there was...I'm impressed!  
{She got stuck under the chair.  I'm nervous for the day that she discovers the stairs to go to our upstairs.  We don't have a gate for that.  So far we are childproofed and she is pretty safe on the main floor.}
 I have changed my attitude about her not sleeping well at night.  My friend Tessa just said a few things about savouring those late night snuggle/feeds and it's good to hear.  It has gotten better (maybe up once or twice but then up for the day around 5:30am).  I'm taking this time to just hold her and love her and comfort her.  This won't last much longer as in just a few months she will likely stop breastfeeding.  And then, when she's big like her brothers, I'm thinking she'll be too busy for hugs.  She's not a cuddly girl.  At all.  So for now, I'll take our 12:30am and/or 3:30am dates and enjoy her cuddles as she holds my hand and rubs my arm and falls back to sleep while I feed her.  
Toesies.  Her baby toe lays on it's side like mine does.  If that makes sense.
Um, seriously, her eyes?!!  I can't imagine what she'd look like with hair:)
Each kid has LOVED standing at our ottoman full of toys and it has taught each of them to walk as they move from one side of it to the other. 
Below is a picture of `the teeth' for all my Nerd friends.
I hope you are having a great week. I should get back to work before Nya Cutie Pants wakes up.
Love, Louise
PS Crazy thing is that she plays cars.  Like, doesn't eat them but pushes  them around!! She's not even 9 months old. So crazy.  You can see it here.


  1. She is a cutie pants alright and very advanced for her age.

  2. ISO 1000??? I'm impressed!!!!
    she is SO cute and her eyes are so gorgeous.

  3. I feel like she looks like Isaac in some of the photos. She's cute! I can't wait for them to play together!


    Sorry I've been neglecting my blog buddies lately. But I love you. xo.

  5. So gorgeous, and agreed stunning eyes! Love how proud she is of her new teeth.
    Lou, it was lovely to see you and your family. Thank you.