Monday, February 25, 2013

Nine Months

Wow.  This month was by far the wildest in regards to developments.  She is now sitting, rolling, pulling herself to standing (and then holding on with just one hand!), crawling and starting to furniture cruise.   And here I thought she wouldn't be walking before she was one...I was very wrong!  She is also the proud recipient of two teeth.  I'm thinking she is just a petite 18lbs. 
{Not a `good' picture but such a cute one!}
She loves:
-to chase her brothers
-to play with DVD's
-to try to get ahold of the remote and iPhone
-to try to stand up holding on to everything
-being held
-going for walks
-trying to rip your face apart with her ever sharp nails
-dogs, as long as they don't touch her
-BATHTIME.  Totally her favourite activity ever.  She LOVES the water.
-putting every single thing in her mouth
-to chat.  Dada, Hi-der (sounds like `hi there'), Lubda (we interpret it as `Love Ya')
-to shriek

{View from the Ergo.  Love the Ergo.}
She does not love:
-food (the boys were soothed and comforted and bribed with food, what the heck will I do with her?  Hopefully she likes stickers or something????). She does love rice cereal and yogurt but will only eat about 1/2 to one cup of food per meal.
-sleep.  Still gets up at least 2x per night.  Goes to bed by 7 pm though.  Two naps per day.
-looking at people (she never looks at their eyes, totally a Gary trait!!).  So hard to get her looking at the camera and I KNOW how to get kids to look.
-breastfeeding (still doing it though, not sure she can take a bottle..not trying)
-getting into her car seat (once in, she is okay)

She is on her 7th cold.  Seriously.  This reminds me so much of Koen, just sick all winter long.  She handles it okay and we just use the humidifier which helps.

I still put her on the toilet about 3 times a day.  Usually she will poop first thing in the morning and the other times she just pees.  Sometimes, when she's in one of her `moods' she refuses to sit on it so I don't make her at all.
Happy Nine Months Baby Girl!!  We love you.
A lot.

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  1. I, too, LOVE the Ergo (as does Isaac). Would it be good if Nya was walking for your trip this summer? I really like the photos of Koen/Nya in the bath, and onion in the front of the shot. So cute!