Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Quit!!!!

I've been trying to get Nya to sleep for about 2 hours now...oh my goodness.  She's had the flu for 36 hours now.  She only vomited twice today so that was good?

And, I'm still not over my sinus infection (major pain in the left side of my face) and my throat feels sore and my lymph nodes are large and tender.  Can I be getting sick again?!!!

In the past two months, Kai has lost a rain jacket and two toques at school.  Not in the lost and found.  Makes me mad.  I will be the crazy mom asking for a label maker for Christmas and  labeling everything.

Oh man, she is screaming in the monitor still...I gotta get her.  And hold her.  I'm pretty sure I'll get the flu after this.  Anyone wanna hold a pukey baby?!

I didn't get to meet Lynette and Bryan's baby today:(  I didn't want to bring any germs her way.  So sucky:(

Gary's at a basketball game.

Tonight Kai asked why my belly was still so big.  He now knows that you never say that to someone.  Really I just wanted to yell `BECAUSE I'M SICK AND HAVE BEEN SICK FOR SO LONG AND I JUST TAKE CARE OF YOU GUYS AND EAT CRAPPY FOOD BECAUSE I HAVE NO ENERGY AND I CAN'T GET OUT TO EXERCISE AND THAT IS WHY MY BELLY IS HUGE'.

I can't wait for summer.

Love, Louise

PS I can't quit though.  And deep down I don't want to, I want to be the one caring for my baby.  I guess all I want to say is `I WANT US ALL TO BE HEALTHY!!'


  1. :( :( :( :(

    SO sorry things are so tough right now. praying for HEALTH and STRENGTH and REST for you (and Nya!!!)

  2. Louise, I just said a prayer for you guys!! I'm praying things turn around health wise and you are able to have a good Christmas!

  3. ohhhh so so so not nice for you at all. HOpe it clears up SOON.

    By the way - ever heard of Mabel's Labels - they're the huge thing around here. I have tons of hand me downs that still have labels from kids who are now 8!! :)

  4. Geez. Why the heck does life beat the sheit out of us sometimes?... You are an amazing Mom Louise.

  5. I love that you are so honest Louise. I really really admire you for that. You are an amazing mom and I am sending you all the healthy vibes I can.