Saturday, December 29, 2012

7 Months Old!

Yikes, I'm a week late on this!  I love looking back on these sort of posts to see where the boys were at and  it helps when making their baby books:)  I just do a scrapbook for their first year of life, although, I think I'm about 4 months behind on Nya's....

7 Months.  Wow.  Time has flown. I don't remember being pregnant with her really but I sure remember her when she was little and that feels like yesterday!
{She is truly a very happy and smiley baby}

Nya got sick with the flu this month which was so sad and terrible.  She barely ate for two days and was up most of the night.  Recovering from it has been brutal too!  She's back to eating like a newborn; every 3 hours 24/7.  She also has 3 meals a day of pureed pears, apples, carrots, sweet potato etc.  This is so not normal for a baby to up so much in the night but I think she's just recovering and hopefully it doesn't last too long!

Nya goes down for her two naps very well but does not enjoy going to bed at night.  She loves to suck on a receiving blanket for comfort.  She sleeps in a sleep sack and loves to bang her legs against the bars of the crib.  She always rolls onto her tummy to sleep now.

She will only breastfeed in her bedroom, in the dark, right when she wakes up from a nap.  So not convenient.  When we go out, I need to take a bottle of frozen breast milk along and I'm so thankful I have a bunch stored up and thankful she now takes a bottle!

Nya is so relaxed and easy going.  She just loves being where the action is and has no problem with over stimulation.  She loves her family best but is not yet afraid of strangers.  She may have gotten her first doll for Christmas (from Gramma Chapman) and she loves sucking on her dolls hands and feet:)
She can sit (not very well)  and roll but that's about it!  No crawling. No standing.  Makes life easy for us in regards to safety:)  She is still very long and lean.

She is a very happy girl.  Happy and content.  So easy to calm down (well, I can always do it, not sure if others can as I am always the one around!).  She makes soft little sounds like `Ah' and `Oh' and `Ope' but that's about it.  They are just so....girly:)

We love this little girl and cannot believe how old she is getting!! She is still super bald but the boys were too.  One day she'll have hair:)

Happy 7 Months Baby Girl!!!  We love you so much!!

PS I also made Gary take some pictures of me with the boys so you'll be seeing those too:)  I am so annoying to take pictures of because Gary doesn't notice things like neck fat (like the 3rd picture) and that's all I notice.  So we always argue about it and it's not very fun but I'm glad to have them (the pictures, not the neck rolls).  Oh well.  I guess pictures don't lie and he's capturing me as I am:)


  1. SUCH a cutie!!! :)

  2. Great pictures of both of you!

  3. You look fantastic in those pictures!

  4. Happy 7 months!
    Great pictures.