Sunday, December 02, 2012

Grumpy Chapmans

Well, things have been no fun around here.  Nya had a fever for about 3 days which I guess was from her immunizations? On top of that, all of us have had a cold.  This cold is not a normal one.  It has knocked Gary and I out.  I just want to lay in bed, Gary would like to just watch football on the couch.  Alas, we have kids who need us:)  Kai and Koen are pretty much okay now as they had it first.  Nya is miserable.  Last night she was up every single hour.  It is near impossible to get better or feel rested when you can't sleep.  All iPhone pics (eek, I'm so lazy, it's just so convenient!!!) :)
Miserable little baby.   Yay for the Ergo!
Terrible picture above but we have an event for every day of advent. You can see she is miserable!  Dec. 1st was visit grandma and grandpa and go to the Langley Christmas Parade.  Koen loved it.  He ate a candy cane while it was still in the wrapper.  He didn't realize (maybe because it was dark?) that you need to take the wrapper off.  We discovered it when he was chewing just the plastic 5 minutes later.  Kai was sad to realize that our daily family activities in the advent calendar are not going to be fun to the degree that he hoped.  He was thinking `Go to the waterslides!' `Go to Disneyland' sort of thing.
Playing with the Playmobile Nativity Set
Second day on the Advent Calendar was `Go Biking' so we did it this morning while it was still nice out.  The boys LOVE biking.  We go to the closest park and they just do loops around it. 
So happy to see some smiles on my baby today:)  She's still super congested but the fever is gone.  She gets the humidifier.  I get the Buckleys.  I don't know if it is breastfeeding friendly or if it's okay with my medication and I'm not going to check because if I don't take it, I feel like I'm dying.
You know when you dread going to bed? I'm so nervous what this night will entail. I need sleep.  Thankful that Kai and Koen are okay.  

I had to cancel going to book club:( of my two social interactions for the week.  I just can't really move. Or breathe. Or think.

Okay, I really do need to start using my regular camera soon as Babes is better and I don't have to hold her:)  I still need to get her 6 month pictures when we're all better....oh well, gives her time to learn to sit a bit better.  I may have bought another cute prop....

HOpe you had a much better weekend than ours!  I have a feeling ours might have been better than my other sister who had the flu going on in their household. Yuck.

Bon nuit.
Love, Louise


  1. Ergos are THE BEST for sickly kids (as long as they don't puke while in one...).
    Hope you guys get better soon - especially the little one. It's so tough when they're so small and sick.

  2. Oh yes, the "i'm scared to go to bed" feeling. so awful when kids are sick and you're sick too :( i hope health returns soon.

  3. thats so funny - i would always cringe the closer bedtime got b/c you never know if you'll sleep an hour or two in a row:) glad that nya is getting back to cute super happy baby and hopefully back to her easy-going self soon! sleep well:)

    ps - i dont find it hard to believe you bought another prop for her 6 month shots;) she deserves it, so cute

  4. louise that sounds TERRIBLE! I'm hoping that things start looking WAY up for you sickies! and i am totally with you on the 'dreading going to bed' :( boo!

  5. Aw...hope you guys are all better soon. We missed you at book club!

  6. Ali, last night was better:) She was just up every three hours...I think? I just feel like my head is exploding which isn't my favourite feeling.

  7. sorry you're not feeling well :(
    i laughed out loud that koen ate a candy cane with the wrapper on!! too funny :)

  8. Get better soon! No fun. :(