Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Never Ending Germfest

It was one year ago that I did this post.  I looked back at it last night and it seems even more wild now than it did then.  It has been so great all having babies at the same time. There are about 20 emails a day with all things about having a baby from napping to nights to diapers to bottles etc.  The one hard thing I would say is that sometimes it's harder to be there physically for one another due to not being able to leave the house at night or napping babies etc.   I will miss the three youngest being on their maternity leaves so hopefully they have another baby soon:) ha.  Well, not you Jan:)
{Just three of the babies.  They are pretty close in size and length etc now...well, 5lbs difference which isn't too different!  Nya loves her jumperoo...I got it virtually brand new for $25 this summer}

We are still sick.  One week of terribleness.  Gary stayed home yesterday and just laid on the couch all day. He can't really eat or drink anything and is miserable.  He had to go in today for meetings and basketball stuff.  I hope he doesn't make anyone sick.  I made him take hand sanitizer with him.
My head is still completely stuffed and I can't hear properly or breathe or anything.  I'm exhausted.
Nya is coughing and congested.  Poor bubba.  I honestly don't know what my nights are like as I'm so out of it but I think she is eating about 3 times a night these days.  
Kai is healthy!  He goes to school and I am so thankful for that.
Koen seems to be on to round 2 or 3 of whatever disease is next in line.  He's missed a ton of preschool:(
We walked around the neighbhourhood looking at Christmas lights last night (advent day 4 activity) and Koen is hilarious.  Every house, `Hey guys!! Look at this one!!! Wow!!'.  It doesn't matter if it has one strand of lights or 7 inflatable snowmen, he's excited.  It's cute.  Koen eyed me eating a cookie yesterday and said, `God likes it when we share':)  He also wondered if Jesus climbed a beanstalk up to heaven.  Three year olds are hilarious.
Nya is a mover!  She rolls all over the place and wants to crawl but can't.  So, she sort of inchworms herself around.  She still can't sit.  She really is different than the boys.  Small eater (maybe just 4oz), slower with physical developments, quieter, more easy going, loves being with anyone (meaning no preference for me).  I love her to bits.  I've been giving her a bottle every day to keep it up.  She loves to `talk' which is just a bunch of  the sweetest sounding `Ah Aaaaaaaah, Ah's' you've ever heard.  High and soft.  Kai is convinced she's saying `Kai'.   And can you see I'm letting her move around on our rug now?  Almost no spitting up anymore!
I need some pictures of my Kai Bear but he's gone every day!  He is doing really well with school and socially and with his siblings.  He plays ball hockey every single day.  He is big into Star Wars now.  I have learned a lot by having boys.  The progression was Diego-Cars-Transformers-Mario-Star Wars.  I have been reading some Star Wars books with him in hopes of actually enjoying it/getting to know it but so far, it's just still confusing and not my favourite:)  So many characters! 

 People often ask me how the boys are with Nya and I can tell you that they  love her so much.  They are not jealous one bit.  Koen is so good with her.  If she starts to cry, he will bring her a toy and talk to her and pat her head etc.   When Kai comes in the door, the first thing he does is run to Nya.  In the van, he sits behind her and entertains her.   They both call her Mya.
I think one of the hardest things about having a sick family, besides the utter exhaustion, is the lack of social interactions.  I don't get out.  I'm just surrounded by germs.  Oh well.  If you want to stay healthy for Christmas, avoid all play dates and preschool until then:)

Koen's birthday is less than a month away and we have planned a family activity instead of a birthday party.  It's something that Koen will love and let's be honest, it's fun for me too:)  We're going back to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa!  The boys talk about it all the time and this time we got TWO bedrooms! I am still making him a car cake which is all he really wants.  He just doesn't really have friends at this point as he mostly just likes playing with Kai and his cousins.  It's hard having a birthday in January.

I hope you are all having a better week than we are!!!
Love, Louise


  1. Yup, I'm having a better week than you, that's for sure. Hate being sick/having sick kiddo for a couple reasons: you feel awful. For yourself and the kid. AND you can't get out!!! I really don't like that part. I HOPE you guys get better soon. I can't believe how much Nya is growing up! And Koen sounds funny ;). I would be very entertained by him I think.

  2. Nya had lost some of her little baby chubbiness. She seems quite lean and petite now.

    Your plans for Koen's birthday sound perfect to me.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Oh Louise, I feel for you! We have had it going through our house too. First Peter and Keziah, and now Micah started last night. He won't drink anything and his meds also upset his stomach, making him puke more. I think the lack of sleep doesn't help either as now he had a seizure too:( I will be praying for you and your family to be well rested and feeling better.

  4. awww cute sleeper:) h ow festive! hope you all feel better soon so we can get one or two playdates in before i have to go back to work.
    koen does say the most humorous things, he's quite the personality. :)