Monday, December 10, 2012

Sickness and Sadness

Gary and I had a really rough week. Like, probably the worst one in our marriage.  A sick household is not fun and then throw in that EVERYONE was sick and for so long.  Gary and I are still fighting it 10 days later.  Gary has lost almost 15lbs!  Also add in that Gary had a basketball tournament and was gone almost every evening including Saturday too and it was not pretty.  When he was home, he was bed.  I was pretty much on my own and had very little energy.  Also, factor in that Nya was getting up every hour one night, every 2 hours the next etc.  Our house turned into a huge mess, I ate so many sugary crappy foods, I wanted to run away (with Nya).  I did get my friend Leah to go to the pub with me for a drink and that was a nice break:)   

There are so many good things going on right now which I will share some other time but right now, all I can feel is this huge weight of yucky-ness.   It is getting better though as the kids are healthy.  I can start cleaning more today.   I need to be able to run again and spend a bit more time making wiser food choices:)  
This weekend,I taught Kai how to tie his shoes.  He is lefty so I can't say that we've got it down yet.  See Koen laying on the couch in the background:(  Oh I should say something about Kai's report card. He's awesome:)  He's got a few things to work on, like the neatness of his writing and quality art work, but he is exceeding expectations in math, science, socials, listening, working independently and reading.  He is at a grade 2 math level. He was biking some laps at the park and his time was 2:14 for 4 laps and he just casually said, without a thought, `That's about 35 seconds lap'.  (more like 33.5 but still!!).  I love that he is in a 1/2 Combo class as he can do more challenging work and he loves it. 
Day 7  of Advent Activities:  I took them to drive through Williams Park to see the lights.  Mostly because when they were strapped into their car seats they couldn't wrestle each other and I had a few minutes peace...

Day 8 of Advent Activities: Set up the mini tree in their bedroom
Day 9 was Decorate our big tree and have a play date with their friends Bennett and Addie (so Gary and I could go out).  Gary and I went on a date FINALLY.  We didn't want to. To be honest I didn't  want to hang out with such a sick guy and Gary was tired.  But, we had the opportunity and the last date we went on was a half hour bike ride 5 months ago.  It was good. We went to the Onyx  in White Rock.  We had bought gift cards from Costco last year so it did cost us $80 but ya, a very good meal.  I didn't take any pictures but it included tempura bacon (sooooooooo good!!!!),  lobster mac and cheese (also soooooooo good!), bacon creamed corn, ribs and steak:)   We like our meat.

Today would've been my mom's 60th birthday.  I know we would've had such a good party if she was here!  My sisters and I got together and had some of our childhood favourites like boterkoek and spinach dip and haystacks and Heavenly bars....
I miss my mom so much.  There were so many times I wanted to talk to her this week. I had some really low moments and just wanted to hear her voice saying `Oh Girl, I know it's tough'.  I had some moments of extreme joy and wanted to share that with her.  I am thankful for my sisters.  We truly get along VERY well. My mom sort of `commanded' us to in a letter to us:)

I hope you had a better week then we did!
Love, Louise


  1. Trust that this week will be a better one for you. A sick household wears a mother down. Some good nights of sleep should help - it is so hard to cope when you are tired out.

  2. UGH, that sounds like a brutal week! :(
    love that you and your sisters celebrated your mom and what would have been her 60th...wish she could have been there to play with all her grandkids, eat some great food and give you all the mothering advice you long for from her.

  3. I didn't see this til now! So sorry you had such a sucky 10 days. I knew you were sick but it didn't really sink in what that would mean til you described it in this post. So sorry!! Get better soon, all you chappies!!! xxxooo