Sunday, December 23, 2012

Terrific 24 Hours

{Koen in the stripes in front.  You can see the boy behind him yelling even more loudly.}
1.  Went to Koen's prechool Christmas Concert.  He was just as entertaining as the last one but this time it included dance moves (Gary-esque) and apparently he had the role of Joseph and never told me?  His first line in the mic was `I don't know what I'm supposed to say!'.  His lines were mostly `Do you have a bed for Mary?  The baby is about to come!' which he said three times super loudly:)  So cute!!   The video I have is terrible as I'm rocking a flu-ish/grumpy baby  in the back of the church in the Ergo throughout.  I'll spare you the seasick feeling.

2. Nya stopped puking on Friday night. Phew!  Yesterday she ate food and breastfed and my milk came back. Yes!!!!

3.  Saturday morning I went for a 3.5km run.  I have such a long ways to was my heart that stopped me from going further as I couldn't get my heart rate below 190bpm.

4.  Had a Starbucks drink (white chocolate mocha!).  Thank you, Kelly!

5.  Went to my niece Hannah's first birthday party!!!  Gary stayed home with Nya because I didn't want her residual germs out there. Everyone was there except for dad and Joanne so it was nice and busy there with both sides of their family.  The boys behaved decently.

On the way there:
Me: I don't want you boys running around.
Kai: Fine, I'll just sit there.
Koen: I'll just copy Kai.  But if he twirls on one foot, I can't.

Someone commented to me `Your boys are a handful, I bet you wish you were the one with four girls'.  Nope, I love their energy and physicality!  I've heard girls can be whiny and I don't do whiny:)

{My niece Hannah, we did a cake smash/tasting last week...}

6.  I got to meet baby L (Lynette and Bryan's baby girl!!).  Oh my goodness.  Have you  ever been so excited about something that you almost didn't want to go?  I was just too excited.  I ran to the door and as soon as I saw her in Lynette's  arms, I was a mess.  Like you know when you can't even look because you're crying and it's too much to look at something so awesome? Then Lynette put her in my arms and I got to hold her beautiful daughter as she slept.  The whole time.  What a gift any baby is, but in adoption, I feel like there's just this added appreciation with the selflessness of the birth mom (not in all cases I guess).  I won't be posting any pictures, but believe me, her chubby face is adorable:).  What a very special Christmas gift!!  This was def. the highlight of my weekend:)

7. Went to see `Life of Pi' in 3D with my friend Leah.  Yup, I got out for the evening.  Nya took a bottle.  I had popcorn and pop. Oh my goodness, I am one big ball of butter and sugar and can't wait for the Christmas goodies to be gone.  So nice to be out and Leah even picked me up and dropped me off:)  By the way, you can buy the movie bundles at  3D movies + concession (2 pops and 1 popcorn) costs just $30 instead of $40.00. Just print them at home!  You obviously have to be a member.  They have the cheaper one for regular movies too ($25).

So ya, appreciating the small things in the day to day.  Gary took the boys to church and I stayed home so that Nya could nap. I have 2 hours to myself!   Love having Gary around to help out...wonder if he has noticed our overflowing laundry hamper....:)


  1. YIPPEE! So good that things are looking up!

  2. great 24 hours i'd say!! thanks for the great photo' always:) very happy you (and nya) are on the mend. 3 cheers for gary putting her to bed so you could go to movies - mmmm movie popcorn, splurge.

  3. 1. those pictures of Koen are AWESOME!
    2. hallelujah!
    3. well done!!!
    4. thank YOU!
    6. sooooooo exciting!

  4. I want to hang out with your boys for one day and have funny conversations with them. Twirling on one foot? Awesome!
    Glad your household is getting healthy before Christmas!

  5. oh my, I watched the videos......absolutely hilarious!! I vote you play those at his wedding:)
    So glad to hear that things are looking up.
    I really hope that you enjoy your time together this Christmas!!

  6. I'm glad that you are all doing better. Have a very merry Christmas!