Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Nya's 6 month stats:
Weight: 15lbs 10oz (soooo little!!! The boys were about 20lbs).  50th percentile. So easy to carry!
Height: 27". 95th percentile.
Head Size: 44cm.  95th percentile.
Long and lean:)

It's not just Nya's fault that I"m not sleeping. I can't fall asleep before midnight and obviously won't take melatonin now because I need to be getting up for Babes.  Last night she fed at 4am (yay, I got 4 hours straight), and then after that, she was up for 2 hours straight.  She had a fever from her immunization so I gave her tylenol.  At 5am I made Gary take her for an hour so I could go back to sleep.

One month ago, I ran 6km.
Three weeks ago, I couldn't even run 2 blocks.
This week, I can run 4km.  It's my heart rate that is preventing me from going further as I don't like it to go above 190bpm.  My muscle weakness is almost all gone. SO THANKFUL FOR CATCHING IT EARLY WITH BLOOD TESTS.  That reminds me, must go for a blood test. So forgetful.

We might be doing a fundraiser for the school (they are building a new primary building) in the form of teaching a photography class to a larger group.  We will see, just need approval as we would want to do it at the school.  Hoping to raise $1000.00.
Three sessions will likely be postponed this weekend due to rain.

Kai has been invited to so many birthday parties.  We have realized that it seems like everyone just invites the whole class.  We have just said `no' to his first one because really, do I want to pay $20/party on a gift each time?  It's about 3 parties per month and that's just him...what about when Koen and Nya start going?  I felt really bad telling him no but if he wants to use his allowance to pay for it, he's welcome to:)

Kai and Koen are getting a weekly allowance now (we started in the summer).  It is soooooo small but I think it's good for them.  Kai makes his own lunch for school every day and he takes out the recycling.  Koen assists him with the recycling),  Kai gets $1 a week and 25 cents goes into the church offering.  Growing up, we were allowed to spend half our money (giving 10% to church too) and the other half went into the bank for university.  We do have RESP's for them and contribute each month (just $25/kid/month).  We do not plan on paying for their university/college/trade, just helping them out.  I think by the time they graduate it will be less than $10,000 per kid but every bit helps!

Spring Break:
We are planning on doing something fun.  Not sure what that will be yet.  Could just be Vancouver Island, could be Disneyland, could be Mexico, could be?????  We just really `missed out' this summer on any sort of trips because Babes was so little.  I know we have a big trip next July but it doesn't hurt to look forward to something just a bit closer:)  Besides, I didn't start working again when Babes was just 4 weeks old just so we could never do anything work money goes mostly towards vacations and school tuition (oh, and our savings account, boring but necessary!). Ideas for something between $1000.00-$3000.00 for a family of 5?

Hope you are having a great week.
Love, Louise


  1. She is so tiny! Jacob is a monster compared to her! He weighs 16lbs at just 3.5 months and is 25.5 inches long! He`s long and lean too. But still a monster compared to what Addison was like at this point! Funny how each kid is different!

  2. Glad things are on the upswing with your health. You CAN take melatonin while nursing; it helps you fall asleep but doesn't keep you asleep for longer. It wears off rather quickly and if people have the type of insomnia where they wake frequently in the night? Melatonin doesn't help them. You will still wake up! It just helps you GET to dreamland initially. You could try a low dose and see how it goes. It's something your body makes anyways, so it is not harmful for you or your baby. xo.