Saturday, November 05, 2011

Grad and Bellies

This afternoon I attended the graduation of my brother in law and my sister. They were both graduating with their Masters (Tyler in Biblical Studies, Jackie in Science of Nursing) from TWU. They have worked so hard over the last 2-3 years and we are all proud of them!

Look below, aren't they cute? They are going to be parents in just a couple of months!
We went to dad and Joanne's to celebrate. Dad, you act silly, I will post it on my blog. He's just trying to fit in with all the bellies.
Below, my 11 week belly. I'm a little surprised how overall uh, large, I'm looking. Usually my tummy just sticks out and doesn't grow out in all directions. I've gained 2lbs but it looks like 20. I do need to start getting more exercise besides walking...hopefully with work slowing down I can work out a bit more. The reason for it would just to be in better shape because I haven't done much since running 5km in October:)

{Bellies from L-R: 34weeks, 32 weeks, 18 weeks, 11 weeks}
I was away from the boys for most of the day and it was kinda rejuvenating. It made me so excited to see them again this evening.
Hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. I think you look fantastic. Don't you fret about that belly; you are cute!

  2. awesome pictures! And just to let you know - when I saw you in the frist pic, I thought to myself 'why does louise seem to look SO good pregnant and I feel/look so blah!' So, you're looking good :o)

  3. LOu! u look good! actually jackie and trish are only 5 days apart in due dates!!!!! Its a race!

  4. I still really love that 4 of you are pregnant together. I just think that's SO cool!! And I love that your dad had his belly on display too ;)

  5. Cath Tucker10:48 PM

    Congrats on your AWESOME news!!!! I am so excited for you guys :) You look fantastic!!! xoxo

  6. Loving all the belly shots!

  7. 7 days apart jan - dec 23 and dec 29th... i better win this race!!