Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mario and My Pumpkin

The boys had so much fun on Halloween. My sister brought her three girls over and they went out for about 45 minutes and covered a ton of homes. We live in a densely packed neighbourhood so it really only takes less than 30 seconds to get from one door to the next. The boys don't even care about the candy so much, they were just into the dressing up and running around.
{I think Kai grew an inch since I bought this costume. We deflated his belly after this picture. He loved his costume and didn't care that he had a wedgie all night:)}

Then, the boys wanted to come home and hand out candy. So, like many neighbours, we sat at the bottom of our stairs and handed out candy. We had 300 kids in one hour and then ran out and turned off the lights:)
{Koen kept up with the big kids no problem and only walked into about 6 homes this year:)}

My friend Ali came over on Tuesday and we got a few pictures of our kids (and her nieces) trying on some of her creations. You can find her now on facebook at Cades & co. I liked the shirt Kai tried on so I bought it:) Great quality and super cute.
Great for Christmas and birthday presents and even stuff for baby showers!
{We have two aprons for the boys, different from the ones shown, which makes baking time a little more fun and clean!}

I also really love the bandana bibs and may have to buy one or two for the little droolers/nieces/nephews I'll be having in the next few months! How cute is her little Cole?
I registered Koen for preschool yesterday. He'll be starting in September and I put him in afternoons. He hasn't napped for a year and I don't want to be running around early in the morning with a little baby.

Basketball is now starting. Now we shift from a busy photographing season to a busy parenting season for me while Gary coaches and teaches. Gary puts in a lot of time and does a good job. We're proud of our Daddy Bear!

I am VERY hormonal these days. I am not neutral. I'm either super angry and frustrated or very sad. I'm not a very fun wife and I don't like it. Yesterday was a sad day for me where I missed my mom so much. There are just some days where it hits me harder because the person who loved me more than anyone in the world is just not here anymore. 99% of the time I can focus on all the blessings that I do have, but that other 1%, I just need to mourn what I've lost.

Kai has been in swimming lessons on Mondays and is doing so well (compared to where he was a year ago!). He can now do a backfloat and assisted front float. He has come a long ways and will likely pass Sea Urchin and be a Jellyfish:) He does want to do skating again so we will see. I do love part time kindergarten because it allows for extra curricular without being too busy.

Okay, better go.



  1. Sorry you had a major 'Miss Your Mom' day - those have got to suck! And thanks for the advertising!!! I love the pics and think they'll look great all printed up :)

  2. I will have to show Noah Kai's costume... he will love it!