Monday, November 21, 2011

Kai's Heart

On Friday night, I went to bed at 7pm for the first time in...ever. I was so incredibly tired and had such a bad headache that made me want to vomit. I finally got some tylenol on Saturday which did help things a bit. On Saturday, I was still so tired. I got out of the shower and went straight back to bed. I had two sessions to do and fortunately they were mini ones with a space in between. You know when you don't feel good but you have to work? It sort of forces you to forget for an hour that you feel terrible.

One session was in Fort Langley so Gary and the boys explored (it was a BEAUTIFUL day) and then we went to Wendel's afterwards where I had an autumn mocha and we shared a snack or two.
Then we picked up my adorable 1.5 year old niece, Sami. She was just with us for 24 hours but it was fun. She played well with the boys and is pretty easy going. The only hard part was at night because she would cry every 2-3 hours which meant I went in to lay her back down and give her her soother. Then, she was up for the day at 5:30am. It would be nice to have a 1.5 year old in our house right now, especially one sporting so much pink:) The one weird thing is that she didn't eat a whole lot. I'm just used to the boys inhaling their snacks/meals in minutes and I couldn't tell how much (if anything) she actually ate.
We had church and then Chapman birthdays in Abbotford so it was a busy but good Sunday afternoon. I may have picked up a Santa suit so the boys could have pictures with `Santa'. Gary was a good sport:)
This morning I went to Value Village's 50% off sale and bought the boys `new' pants and long sleeved shirts for the winter. I would say 80% of their clothes are second hand and it works so well for us. I just get the good quality name brand clothing and I paid maybe $2/shirt and $3/pants.

Koen is very, very physical. I'm not sure what to do with it. On Friday morning he tackled two smaller kids in the library (he grabs them from behind). It is because he is trying to have fun but they did not think it was fun. At all. The other day Izzy was laying down and Koen ran up to her and jumped on her. He mostly tackles Kai but we really need to stop him because it's happening everywhere (church, school, mall, pool etc). We're trying to explain that we can have wrestle time with daddy but otherwise, we should keep our hands to ourselves. Kai was never this physical and I think I need to get him tired out with an activity of sorts. Koen will start swimming lessons in January and Kai will go back to skating.

And to finish off, a cool story about Kai. About a week ago it was pretty foggy with low lying clouds. Kai asked if he would be able to see all the people in heaven because of it (heaven in clouds, clouds lower etc). I explained that heaven might not be an actual place, specifically in the clouds, as many books show it. He asked where God lived and we explained how he was everywhere but he wanted to live in our hearts. So, on Friday night, Kai said that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and live for Him. This is not something my family did growing up (we just sort of went from believing to doing public profession of faith in church) but many Christians have that experience in their stories. So we prayed with him (Gary said a line, Kai repeated etc) and he was very happy to have Jesus in his heart:)

I hope you had a great weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. Yay!!! That is fantastic! Way to go Kai :)
    I hope you are feeling better Louise!

  2. That's so great about Kai asking Jesus into his heart!

  3. Okay first of all, LOVE the 'Santa' Gary photos.
    And secondly... YAY KAI!!! So cute that he asked Jesus into his heart :)

  4. That is really sweet about Kai!
    Also, just to encourage you, Aiden was an extremely physical boy. I think it was because he loved touch and he didn't really have a personal space like most people. He slowly learned the boundaries with other kids although he still loves a good wrestle! Now we have the same thing with the twins. Jordan especially! He will grab kids and try and hug them but they usually end up tumbling to the ground and the other child is in tears.
    I imagine with Koen he is so used to being physical with Kai that he doesn't understand why other kids wouldn't want to be tackled! He will eventually understand or perhaps he can become a wrestler!!

  5. Loved hearing about Kai and Jesus!!! And sorry you were feeling SO crummy.

  6. Yay Kai! so exciting!!!! :)

    our boy is the one who will run in hysterical tears, away from a boy such as koen. the's tough. i want E to toughen up a bit. maybe we SHOULD get them together and maybe they'd balance out a bit ;)