Thursday, November 10, 2011

TV Box

What's the best part about getting a new tv? The box it comes in of course! We bought a new tv because our old one (you know, the big old fashioned kind of tv) finally died on us. Over the past two days, the boys have been using it as a hideout, a cave and a slide.

What's new with the boys?

Kai is able to count quite high. He'll usually stop around 500 because we get so bored but I'm assuming he could go to 1000 or something. This week when I said we would be leaving in a minute, he counted backwards from 60 no problem. I had no idea he could do that. He has some pretty good math skills for a 5 year old (I think). He's a pretty easy kid to parent except for we are really working on the listening skills, particularly listening to mom and dad right away.

Koen is high energy in a way that Kai never was. He'll run around like he's on a major sugar high, even if he isn't. It's not all the time but it's generally when Kai is around. He will jump on Kai and chase him giggling with glee. He doesn't throw temper tantrums and listens quite well (when you have his attention). He does pull out the sad face a lot, especially when he will be separated from me. People generally assume he is older because he is quite articulate, just like his big brother was/is. He is excited to be a big brother and when he came downstairs this morning he said `Good morning, baby!' to my belly.

Every night we read a kids Bible story book and the boys love it. The questions and thoughts that Kai comes up with in regards to God and Satan, good and evil, choices we make etc are pretty awesome. Koen doesn't understand much but loves the pictures of heaven:)

My belly is growing big time and the reality of it makes me a bit nervous. I mean, obviously I'm excited about baby Chapman but at the same time, wow. Life changer! It's not having three kids that I'm nervous about, I don't think that will be the hard part. It's going back to the newborn stage and lack of sleep and having two high energy boys running around. Now that my friends, will be the interesting part. Fortunately Gary is home for the summer. What am I looking forward to? Oh man, holding a chubby, sleeping, snuggly baby in my arms again. Nothing better. Well, maybe hugs from the big boys with a big `I love you'. That's pretty good too.

Gary and I have fun plans for the weekend so I'm looking forward to it. Basketball season has started which means a lot of dinner and/or bedtimes for the boys by myself for the next four months. It's always a bit tough but I know Gary loves it and it makes me appreciate having him around more when he is able to be here. They should be able to make it a bit further this year which is good for them:)

Somehow my kids are pretty healthy! Maybe all those years of preschool illnesses really did boost their immune systems?

Excuse the randomness. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise

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  1. boxes are always fun :)
    i do think both your boys are quite smart...maybe having 2 teachers as parents has something to do with it? :)
    we have been quite healthy so far this year too (knock on wood!). awesome, isn't it?