Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Big Day!

I had two big appointments today that I have been looking forward to for over a month.

Appointment #1: Midwife appointment. Really, all I wanted was to hear the heartbeat. Being that I am 11 weeks + 2 days, sometimes it can be hard to hear at this point. But, she said I was slim (ha, that's a first and last!) and we heard it within a minute. 170 beats per minute. There is actually a real baby growing inside of me! I somehow started crying (sobbing) immediately which made the doppler move around and we lost the heart beat. Koen thought I was laughing and said, `That's funny!'. She found it again while I tried to not cry so it wouldn't disappear again. There is something really special and reaffirming about hearing that beautiful sound. The rest of the visit was uneventful. She recommended Vitamin B6 for my nausea so I started that tonight. I always get nauseated after 7pm, you know, where you feel like you have the flu. Yuck. I can't complain though, this is the best I've felt of the pregnancies. Also, I've started being more purposeful with my exercising. I do 20 minutes of the recumbent bike in the morning and a 45 minute walk at night. So far, so good!

Appointment #2: TMJ clinic. I drove out to Chilliwack (an hour away) for this one. It felt good be somewhere where someone knows all about jaws. Immediately, based on my description and the way my mouth shifted when I opened it, he could see the problem. He showed me using a model of a jaw (with the disks and ligaments) what had happened. He did a great job of explaining it to me. Basically the disk between my two jawbones on the right side is displaced (moved ahead of my lower jaw) and now it's not allowing my lower jaw to glide open properly.

So, what is he going to do about it? Well, next month I go back and he is going to manually lower my lower jaw and try to place it back on the disk. Normally they do this with freezing or sedating but because I'm pregnant and relatively calm, he is going to do it without. He's just going to use some calming techniques and it shouldn't hurt. Now, the probability that this will work? 50%. He will then make a splint that I will wear at night (he will do this whether it works or not). Fortunately he will just adapt the mouth guard that I currently have which will save about $400.00. Also, because I can't have any imaging or sedation done, I will also save a lot of money:) All together, it should be about $1000.00. If his method does not work, then I believe surgery is in my future. One thing at a time. For now, I just need to work on remaining calm on December 6th!

And in other news. This is how ridiculous my husband is. He woke me up at 11:30pm and asked me where the sheets are as one of the boys needed a new bed sheet. WE HAVE LIVED IN THIS HOUSE FOR 6 YEARS AND YOU HAVE NEVER PUT A NEW SHEET ON ANY OF THE BEDS? WHAT IS A LINEN CLOSET FOR? WHY DID YOU WAKE ME UP WHEN I FEEL SO NAUSEATED? Oh Gary. Negative one point for you.


  1. Yay for a heartbeat!! Nothing beats hearing that precious sound.
    I sure hope that your TMJ can find relief. Not fun.
    That is funny about Gary. Sounds like something Sean would do!

  2. I agree, Yay for the heartbeat! And you made me giggle with your negative one point for Gary :)

  3. So glad you heard a heartbeat. :)

    Totally unrelated to your blog post, but Shaylah made a comment tonight that made me think of Kai. She said "I can't remember, so I have to rub my hippocampus". Awesome to have kids interested in science and the body.

  4. Hooray for heartbeats!!! That's a cool sound, for sure. And Gary. Holeeeeee dina, that was hysterical. BEEN THERE! xo

  5. I don't know why that comment about Gary was so funny, but it was! I'm so happy your pregnancy is going well and that your jaw will be well soon:)

  6. love that you got to hear the heartbeat.
    oh gary...poor guy is getting a bit picked on here, but truly, that line made me laugh and I had to muffle it because the whole house is asleep right now. so funny :)

  7. SO great that you could hear the heartbeat. And Gary... not cool dude :)

  8. ha, still giggling at Gary. Oh man I would have flipped a nut.
    Yay for heartbeat. Such relief hey? Super yay. happy and relief.