Monday, August 22, 2011

PNE In Rain Suits

Today was the day that we had set aside to go to the PNE. The plus side was that we found out it was free admission day (still ends up costing $80.00 with parking, two kids ride passes and some mini donuts!). The downside was that it was POURING. The plus side was that we didn't have to wait for a single ride except for the Ferris Wheel, which was a waste of time.
We started out with the kiddie roller coaster which Koen LOVED.
The kids rode the rides (less than 48" admission rides) for 3 hours. We did go see Bobs & Lolo perform at the Family Theatre but the kids didn't want to do anything else except go on rides. No quad/motorcycle show for them. They didn't even care about the animals, but that was fine because the building was so humid from all the wet people and animals.

The elephant ride was Koen's favourite and Kai loved the Scrambler.

(I know my headband looks funny, i was just so excited to see it this morning because it had been missing for a month!)
This is how a mommy really feels sometimes when the day (or whole summer) is all about the kids (GASP, don't I sound mean?). I think sometimes I just feel like everything we do is for them (like ride little kid rides in the rain all day). Don't get me wrong, I love seeing them happy, I was just having a `moment'. I am also not feeling 100% due to major hormonal fluctuations and verging on relapsing with Graves' but more on that some other time. All I will say is that my hormones are CRAZY.
Can you believe we are wearing rain suits mid August? I should've had my kids in rain boots like the other kids there today! At least Kai got to try out his new rain pants and rain coat! Verdict? They work well.

The kids loved it. Kai thought he was seriously driving every single thing. It was a good day. Koen even peed his pants and we didn't realize it because we were all soaked. We got everyone into dry clothes before driving home and Koen fell asleep within 5 minutes:)

We've pretty much crossed every single thing off of our summer list except for the waterslides. However, there was a waterslide at the hotel in Whistler so that might just have to count.

Bon nuit.


  1. i think my favorite part about this whole post is that Koen peed his pants and you couldn't tell because you were all so wet :)

    next year, i think you should try the Northwest Washington Fair. The price and experience are, in my opinion, much better :)

  2. Kelly-our plan was to try to the NWF but we were on holidays as it's only a week long! Next year:)

  3. the best part is that the kids won't even remember that it rained - they'll just remember that mom & dad always made summer fun for them :)

  4. I was there with our kids too! We didn't do any rides, but we did get plenty wet!

  5. Your face is the reason that Mike and his mom took the kids to the Chilliwack fair rides! Well, the newborn gave me a good out..

  6. Marsalie-must be so good for you guys with the free entrance for the kids all summer AND free parking:) You can go to a bunch of the shows at the Family Theatre etc.

  7. Looks like you guys had a great time, despite the rain! I grew up going and would love to share the experiance with the boys & Andrew (who's never been!), so we are hoping to get there this year still :)