Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bike Ridin'

We finally have a two wheeling bike rider! It was way more stressful than potty training this guy, that's for sure. Super proud of you, Kai Bear!
(Like his free `side of the road' bike?)

In other news, we bought a (second hand) Wii for Gary and Kai. Gary has been convincing me that it is good for hand eye coordination and is much more social than television. We'll have to see how this goes....

Guess we'll be packing Kai's bike for our holidays!


  1. We use the Wii Fit at work all the time....it is a great rehab tool for kids. Great exercise. Have fun!!

  2. VERY impressive!!! Way to go Kai! :)

  3. Way to go Kai!!! Bike riding opens a whole new world of fun!

  4. We have lots of kid / family friendly Wii games so if you want to borrow them and try them out let me know!!

  5. Gary, I applaud your logic. Louise, it really is flawless.