Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Kai Turns Five!!

Kai Bear turned 5 today! Born three days early, after a whole long labour ending in a C-section, and coming out 9lbs 11oz, he has truly blessed our lives. I had no idea what being a parent really meant and he has taught us so much.
He loves lego, Tranformers, swimming, geocaching, Mario Kart, games (Snakes and Ladders, Memory, Guess Who, Battleship, Old Maid etc) and eating. He is very social and would play with other kids all day long if he could.
He loves learning. It is so exhausting. `How are new blood cells made?' `In what grade will I learn all about the brain and nerves?' `What do beetles eat?' `What number comes after one thousand one hundred?' `How do you say `thank you' in Japanese?' etc all day long. He is particularly interested in science but maybe that's because those are the questions I can answer. Mostly.
He looks a lot like Gary (little guy in front in the blue) and is well on his way to being a major freckle face. He has my dimples and my personality. He is tall and solid. He isn't the most coordinated and doesn't love a particular sport all that much, but likes to try everything. He has enjoyed his swimming and skating lessons. I was not athletic at all either, but determination will take you far!
He loves Koen so much and it's so cute to see them interacting. And yes, they fight. A lot. They know how to drive each other absolutely bonkers. In the morning, they wake each other up (usually at 6:30am) and head downstairs. Kai will get Koen a sippy cup of milk and sometimes get him breakfast as well (toast or cereal). He loves to help take care of his brother. He told Koen today that when they are older, they will live in the same house and play Mario Kart together every day.
He loves playing at Ani and Izzy's house, especially in the backyard. He loves going to grandma and grandpa's house to enjoy her pantry full of snacks (and the after dinner ice cream loaded with sprinkles). He loves having pillow fights with Opi (my dad) and going out for coffee with him. He loves playing in the neighbour boys yard, digging and exploring.
Kai still has his blankie, Bubi. He sleeps with it every night but I do think he would be okay without it. He sucks his thumb at night when he is falling asleep. When he is hurt, he wants me. Kai and Gary have spent a lot of time together this summer and their relationship has really grown.
Kai is not shy and loves meeting new people. He doesn't really get in trouble anymore, except when using `bathroom words'. We had to start watching it because words he was allowed to say at home, he wasn't allowed to use at, we had to get a little more strict on the words:) Kai is REALLY looking forward to kindergarten.
Oh Kai Bear. You are awesome. I was so nervous to have a little boy and I have since realized that I LOVE being a momma to boys. I love your inquisitive nature, your passion, and your zest for life. I hope that when you are an adult you will still want to visit and talk with your Mommy Bear. I love you so much, forever and ever.


  1. Happy Birthday Kai! Great weather for your water park party!

  2. trish2:38 PM

    wow! i forgot what he looked like as a baby:) so cute!

  3. Happy Birthday Kai!! (loved the post Louise - Kai will LOVE reading back on this one - especially the part about him and Koen living together playing Mario all day!!)

  4. such a sweet post! Happy 5th Birthday to Kai! :)

  5. He does look a lot like Gary as a child! Hope you've had a fun day celegrating!

  6. oh wow - does he ever look like Gary! Don't worry though - Koen is ALL you :)
    Happy Birthday Kai!

  7. Happy 5th Birthday Kai!! It looks like you had a great time at your party with your friends. Enjoy your next year full of big developments! Kindergarten!! You sound as though you are more than ready.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kai!