Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Busy!

Wow, it's almost been a week between posts! What's been going on?
{I ordered some professionally printed and mounted photos for our bedroom, excited to see them!}

Photographed a beautiful wedding Friday. Loved it. I had taught both the bride and groom in grade 9 science and now they're all grown up and the bride is a science teacher herself and the groom is doing his masters in Biology. Awesomeness. They were so sweet. During the ceremony, she sang to him (beautifully!!) and near the end was overcome with emotion and couldn't finish. It just ended with them holding each other. Lots of tears from everyone!
Saturday morning I had my first football game of the season. I love football. I don't necessarily love the pressure of being a QB because if we lose, I feel like it's all my fault. Gary and the boys came which was nice. I got to wear the socks that Koen picked out for me for my birthday (I need high socks because I tuck the plays in there). Gary was then able to give me some feedback after the game which I appreciate. I want to get better. I had one terrible punt which of course is all I can focus on now:) We lost, but it was still fun.
{These football pictures were taken with our 7D. I am not a fan. Our 5D's are way better.}

Saturday afternoon we headed to Granville Island. I had an engagement session that went super well. While I did that, Gary and the boys just played and got a gelato. I like that they can have fun while I work.
{Kai giving his advice at half time}

Sunday we skipped church and then went to my sister's place in Mission for a bbq with my whole family. They have a great yard which is one thing I really wish our house had. However, I'm not into upping my mortgage or moving to Mission to have a great yard. So, we will make this work! It's hard in the sense that I grew up on an acreage with a forest, trampoline, tree houses, pool etc. A whole lot different than the itty bitty patch of grass we have now!
I am so, so, so ready for Kai to go to school. I think the hardest part about being a mom and working full time from home is that there is a lot of guilt. I feel bad that my kids watch tv while I work. I try to limit tv to an hour after lunch but still, I feel like I should be taking them to the park and playing with them etc. I just need one hour of solid work where I'm not helping them with activity books or breaking up fights:) I'm definitely tired as is typical for this time of year. I'm really looking forward to doing less weddings next to keep it fun! Anyone have any great tips for being a mom and working from home?
Gary is back at work today. Crazy. Thankfully the boys all slept in until 8am!
All right, time to hit the park. Wonder if Gary will make dinner tonight?:)
Have a great week!
Love, Louise


  1. busy indeed! i get the mom guilt...and you're busier than me with work! no advice from me - sorry! season is almost over :)

  2. Don't feel guilty about some T.V time - kids need some "down" time. You are doing well to manage the full time job of being a stay-at- home mom and running your photography business. It's really like you have two jobs. More than I handled when I was at your stage of life.