Friday, August 19, 2011


Koen: Mommy, I call you bud?
Me: Sure, you can call me bud!
Koen: Bud and me go to the park?

Ah, he's so cute! I love hanging out with him. I am totally looking forward to Kai being in kindergarten as this will give Koen and I some great time together. Because he is only 2.5 years old, he can't go to preschool yet so I'm thinking we'll go to the (free and awesome!) Strong Start program on days that Kai has school.

Walking back from the park, hand in hand, Koen tells me how much fun he had at the park and how much he loves me. Two year olds are so special. Especially this cuddly one.


  1. I never did strong start with Taeya, but i'm thinking i will with ezra on the day's that Taeya's in school too :)

  2. DOUBLE LIKE! Soooo cute. I saw him today! Did you get the hat? Hope it works! I'm working on another one, what colour do you want? I'm goign to redo it because the yarn I was using is @#$%^&*. Trial and error, dude.

    I love your updates, and 2 yrs is one of my favourite stages. =)

  3. Hey Louise - loved catching up on your family adventures for the summer! Let me know what days/where you might go to strong start as I'll likely take Ben there some times in the fall as well!