Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Kai's Birthday Party

I'm exhausted! What a great day, but wow, I am tired!
{Koen's first outing with Opi one on one. Took the convertible to Starbucks. Koen LOVED it.}

For Kai's birthday, we had a party at a local water park. It was hot out so it was perfect. We set up a tent to keep the food cool and gave all the kids some great water guns that are easy to use. Koen spent the first hour soaking me.
This morning we had given Kai his two gifts. A 3 in 1 Lego thing that he loves. Gary does too.
We also gave him a nerdy science kit with 9 activities (grow crystals, weather station, model of the earth and moon etc). He loved that too! These pictures show him trying to get gemstones and minerals out using a mallet and then he had to identify them with a chart.

We usually have parties at our house but our yard is not conducive to a lot of fun with so many friends. Kai had 7 friends (and their families) come. It was great to just hang out and watch the kiddos run around with water guns. I won't post pictures of his buddies but I'm glad they could come!
We didn't really have a theme but I just put some of those terrible pure sugar Transformer toppers on cupakes and also made some chocolate 5's (just melted chocolate chips piped out and put in the freezer!.
We had some yummy tarts too and it ended up being a dinner/dessert type thing.

Kai is having Izzy sleepover now and I think they fell asleep around 9:15pm or so which is late for them!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Gary's 36th birthday. I feel bad that we always expend all our energy on Kai's birthday but Gary and I are going to get out for an hour or two....hopefully!

Bon nuit.
PS There was another post earlier today:)


  1. looks like fun!! good job on the cupcakes lou:)

  2. I sort of want that nerdy science kit. It looks like fun :)