Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whistler Cont'd

We finally got home today. I have decided that Whistler is very much a dream place for Gary and I. I mean, if we are talking romantic getaway, I would take it over Hawaii or Mexico. I'm crazy, I know. The only thing I would want to do in a tropical place is go snorkeling or scuba diving. We will definitely go back, just the two of us, to do a bunch of mountain biking, hiking, and eating.
{My dad, covered in kiddie tattoos, with the youngest two grandkids.}
My highlights: mountain biking with Gary and doing some single track. I am so rusty as I haven't raced in about 7 years. Gary patiently did a green trail with me:) Also, seeing Kai become so much more comfortable in the water, I'm really proud of him.
Gary's highlight: spending time with me (so he says!)
Kai's highlight: the waterslide and being in the pool with cousins
Koen's highlight: the pool
{Nana Jo and Opi took the big kids swimming last night. Our room was right next to the pool, it was perfect!}
{Yummy bbq time! We had fabulous weather the whole time.}
{I don't know how many times Kai did this waterslide, but he sure loved it!}

I could've stayed a bit longer and I wish we had done a bit more switching with childcare so that Gary and I could've had more than one date. It's okay, great family time with the kiddos. And, for the first time, we are the ones that were actually healthy! Three other people caught the flu while there, yuck!

A bit hard being back and trying to get into editing mode. Looking forward to our next vacation! I feel like we are getting every bit out of this summer that we can:)

Have a great week!
Love, Louise


  1. fantastic holiday :)

  2. Just stumbled across this post of yours... Is that Intrawest where you stayed?? That's where we always stay! Is someone in your family members?

  3. Carolyn, my dad's wife used points from her time share:) It was awesome!