Monday, July 04, 2011


I think Gary and I have gotten into our summer groove. There's always the awkward, frustrating start trying to figure out who makes what meals and what our routine will look like, but, we're all good now!

Basically each day we play at home for a few hours (I get to sleep in until 8am which is the best part of the day!), I do two hours of photography work in the daytime while Gary takes them to the park and then they have quiet time, we do a family outing before or after lunch, and then after dinner and bedtime, I work another three hours.

Today involved a family 5km jog in the morning (even though Gary pushes 80lbs of kiddos in the stroller, he still beats me by a block), and then this afternoon we went out to Steveston. I haven't been there in over 10 years so it was fun to explore a bit. I don't love taking our heavy cameras on day trips but alas, I do want to capture memories for the kiddos. I don't try to get them to pose, look or dress cute, we just are as we are.
Koen pumped for the fish and chips! Really, he just loves sucking ketchup off of the fries.
Such a great spot! We saw the crabs that the boats brought in and then enjoyed our dinner of Fish and Chips. Yes, we brought our own juice boxes, fruit and veggies:)
We looked for three geocaches and found two of them.
We explored Gary Point Park which I've never been to.

{Picture below of Gary and Kai geocaching}
The boys walked so far, I was so proud of them! However, we will definitely take a stroller on our vacations to alleviate back pain from shoulder rides:)
Koen was desperate for a playground and they sure had a good one there. This slide was great practice for when we go to the waterslides in two weeks!

Great family day. This summer is going to be awesome and I've enjoyed it so much already. I do have to say that I think it will be very exhausting:) The next two days we have berry picking and Science World on the calendar....good times!


  1. Sounds like a blast! Where do you guys like to go berry picking?

  2. Erin-we went to Krause Farms. It was great! $1.50/lb of strawberries, a petting zoo (we fed the llama, sheep and goats) and played on the playground. They also have a great store which was super tempting:)

  3. great pictures :) i love Steveston and can't wait to do a family day there! I've been with Taeya and the girls on the Ens side, but not as a family of four!

  4. wow that is an awesome slide!