Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Boys

I take about 1,500 to 2,000 photos a week for work so I'm not pulling the camera out so much for the day to day stuff:) Here are the boy pitting cherries. Koen's job was to pull off the stems but I think he thought his job was taste testing too. Kai loved using the `gun'.

Gary is busy painting the trim of our house (goodbye green!!!) and I'm busy working. I just have two more sessions, then we have one more wedding, and then it's time for holidays (Oregon Coast)!! I will be taking my editing with me but I won't be doing any sessions for two weeks.

Kai is turning 5 in one week. So exciting for him and I just feel like he's been 5 for a while, he just seems so grown up to me. He is a good kid and has definitely distanced himself from me a bit this summer. Not in a bad way but I'm not really his #1 anymore. Friends are just as good. He's pretty independent and loves to know everything about everything. It's great but exhausting. He is pretty close to three neighbour boys which is so awesome...always a friend to play with! Gary has been reading Tin Tin to Kai each night.

Koen is getting a bit more of the stereotypical terrible twos. Often he acts out (starts saying words he's not allowed to or running away) when he's tired but we can't let him nap or he's up too late at night. He is doing okay in underwear and usually will pee his pants when he is tired around dinner time. Kai has taught Koen all of the sounds for every letter. Kai didn't learn that until he was 4 so it's pretty crazy to me! I can sound out a word like `bug' and he will spell it. Another thing I've noticed about Koen; he has Gary's calves. Big strong calves. I know, random.

So great having Gary home. We are getting so much done and the kids get to have fun with one of us, or both of us, every day.

Okay, time for dinner and Gary made it, that means it's bound to be very good!

Love, Louise

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