Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playdate with Micah

After a stressful weekend, we are taking this week easy. Just spending time as a family at home. On Monday we had our new little friend Micah over for the day. His mommy is on bedrest so it was great for him to run off some of his energy with our boys. The kind of crazy thing is I taught his dad when he was in grade 9. That makes me feel like I'm 100 years old:) Anyway, Micah is the sweetest little boy and Kai and Koen had a good time with him. It was really fun having three boys in the house.
{He's so adorable! I think the cutest thing about him is that if you are holding him, he will play with your hair.}

{He loves balls and actually napped with this dryer ball!}
{Koen and Micah probably `fixed' things for an hour straight.}

I think it was really fun for Koen to have a friend over, even if he was a year younger. They are both monkeyish in their climbing so we had to keep a close eye on them.

I cannot believe how busy our summer has been so far and that we're only 1/3 through it. I'm looking forward to our trip to Oregon but hoping the weather drastically improves before then as we are planning on tenting.

It's late. I better head to bed. The benefit of having Gary home? I get to sleep in until 8am every single day. So awesome, I love it!!!

One last thing...the other day I was wearing a dress and when Koen saw me, he said, `Mommy, you look so funny. I like it.'.

Bon nuit.


  1. Thanks for posting this pictures. Micah liked looking at them with me! Would you be willing to email me the top one, of Micah in the swing? It's so good. Love it.

  2. Cute! And I love that he plays with your hair too! Gorgeous photos. I love the first one and the one with the dryer ball -- adorable!