Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fartie Blizzard

Today it was summery!! We had a beautiful engagement session in West Vancouver that Gary and I did together. It's a fun date for us when we have an exciting location to check out. Good thing Gary came as I needed him to hold the diffuser half the time, it was super sunny out! Thank you to Jackie and Trish for babysitting last minute!!
{Isn't that so cute? Should have this session posted at the end of the week on our photo blog:)}
After meeting with some other clients, Gary painted and the boys played with the slip and slide. It has been confirmed that Kai is not the most coordinated person in our family:) Also, check out his swim shirt. It's supposed to be size 8. Seriously? I bought him a size 10 one so hopefully that fits better:) He got his kindergarten shot on Friday and he weighs 52lbs. I actually shed two tears while he was getting his shot and he was totally fine. I blame hormones.
Kai had a fun date with Opi on Friday night. They went to check out the Red Bull racing car, but more importantly, they went to McDonalds where Kai got a Happy Meal:) I realized, with Kai gone, how much the boys actually bug each other when they are together. It was so quiet for the two hours he was gone!
It is a strange feeling that Kai is so independent. He really doesn't need me for anything and I can't explain how it makes me feel. I want to be needed but I appreciate the independence. It's a strange feeling to go from being someone's whole world to just being a part of it. I guess I'm glad it happens slowly.

Koen is a goofball. He is way more out of control than I remember Kai being. However, he is the sweetest little boy and I love him so much.
Tonight we went to DQ and the boys got their first blizzard ever (snack size). Koen at the counter?
`I WANT A FARTIE ONE PLEASE!!' Apparently he can't say `smartie'?! The girl at the counter thought he was pretty adorable. I guess he is:)

I'm looking forward to Kai's birthday party on Wednesday. I know it's a random day to have it but it's his actual birthday so why not? We are doing a super simple one this year and I hope it goes well. We're just meeting with 6 of his friends at a local water park. The kids will run around and then we'll have dinner and dessert together there.

I can't wait to show you the before and after of our house! We (Gary) should be finished up in two more days. We just had a slight change of plans so need to buy some new paint:) Goodbye green stripes!!! They have driven me CRAZY since the day we moved in.

Bon nuit.
Love, Louise

PS It seems like all 300 friends of mine on facebook are pregnant or having babies. When I found out I was pregnant this last time, it felt like the same feelings as when you fall in love. Just giddy and excited about the future. Like my heart was smiling non stop. Now that it's gone, I just want that back again. We've got to be patient with it though as we have 3 weddings in 9 months from now:)


  1. Both of your boys are adorable! I love the fartie comment :o) Pretty sure if I was the girl behind the counter I would have peed my pants.

  2. WOW, does Koen ever look like you in these pictures!
    "Fartie" blizzard - so cute :)

  3. Your boys are so cute and clever. Love the photo of Kai with the small shirt. The fartie comment made me giggle. love it. happy summer!