Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunny Days!

On Sunday evening, we went to celebrate 3 Chapman birthdays. Here's Kai with his Chapman cousins. I think Kai will look a lot like Jayden (boy up front with dark brown hair).

Playing dominoes with grandma. When he says `grandma', it sounds like `mahmah'. Kai LOVES playing with grandma.

On days like this, I just want to be home full time. This morning, Maria came by with the kids and we walked to the park. It is so beautiful out there. Once Kai wakes up, we'll go for another walk. The only bad thing about walks with him is that he does not like the stroller anymore and when he isn't strapped in, he is running EVERYWHERE. Here are pics of each of the kids at the park this morning.

Last night I saw Gary reach a level of frustration that I've never seen in him. For me, it is a daily thing to get frustrated but for Gary, never really. What caused it? Wasn't me! It's that computer!!! He's been trying to fix it for 2 weeks now...so annoying. Looks like we'll have to bring it in to get fixed...again. By the way, when I say `level of frustration', it really wasn't much. I think he just raised his voice or something. Also, I just have to say that I love our new lap top. I can do school work, check email, and hang out with Gary or Kai in the same room. It's also great for those online recipes so we don't have to walk from one room to the next (Gary doesn't `let' us print up stuff):)

And, very exciting news is that Gary and I are going on a date on Saturday! We have a photo session first but then off we go! I'm very, very excited. It's supposed to be sunny and grandma is taking Kai for the day, so, outdoors we go!

Couple new things with Kai....he loves chilli. He likes to sit on his potty (with his clothes on, refuses to attempt it without his diaper/pants etc). Whenever one of us is in the bathroom, he joins us and sits on his potty. He really thinks he's going, and sometimes he does do his business. He will not sleep in his car bed but he loves playing in it. He is such a great kid, I love him so much.

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  1. Hello there! Just passing through via the "next blog" button. LOVE all the pictures on here. And the bus turn around thing in the snow? Man oh man, I would have been scared at first!

    And yea, I bet you really, REALLY missed the little guy. It's so hard to be away from them, isn't it?