Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our date(s)!!!

Today Gary and I went on 3 dates (well, does shopping count as a date? To us, it does!). Our photo session this morning was postponed to a later date (due to a sick child) and so Gary and I brought Kai to grandma's right away in the morning.

We then went up to Seymour where we snowshoed for a couple of hours in the beautiful sun. I hadn't snowshoed in 3 years and it was great to be out again. If you are looking for a fun and cheap date idea....go snowshoeing!

We could've gone for a lot longer but I wanted to make sure we could watch a movie this afternoon as we haven't been year? We came back to Langley and watched Juno, which I've been told I should see. We both enjoyed it.

Then, we went and bought a new computer tower. I can't even begin to tell you how many hours Gary put into the computer trying to fix it. Well, probably about 25+ hours. We brought it away twice and they said they fixed it. I'm sad that we put money into fixing it when it never worked in the end. I guess that's how people sometimes feel about their cars. Gary is hooking it up right now, let's hope our computer problems are gone!

I'm looking forward to Spring Break...I hope to do some hiking and mountain biking with Gary! Kai had a blast at grandma's so in all, it was a great day for all of us! Cheesy family picture will be taken tomorrow and i will post it:)

(Gary kept getting a little too close to the edge and freaking me out)


  1. I love that first picture of you two! So, do you rent snowshoes? Sounds like fun. Are you hurting now?

  2. Wow - good thing your younger sister gave you inspiration to go snowshoeing! :) next up: Tofino, right? :) I hear campsite #11 at Mackenzie Beach is pretty beautiful!