Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My dad

My dad is a unique guy. Kai calls him Opi Gack (Opa Jack). This is a picture of a gift he bought for Kai. Please note that each pull up has a princess type character on it, I'm sure Kai would love it? It's the thought that counts:) I'm not entirely sure why my dad is encouraging the potty training but he always said that he wanted to take the grandkids up to Green Lake once they were potty trained. Also, my dad refuses to change any diapers as he claims that he did a life times worth when we were kids. Kai is def. taking an interest in the potty (he sits on it whenever we use the bathroom and tells us when he has to go) but we are not going to try to start anything til the summer probably. He is still too scared to sit on it without his diaper on:)
Today he went down for his nap with his basketball. That kid loves pass and catch and basketballs without us encouraging it any more than any other activity.
What else is new with him? He has been doing well at daycare. Phew. At home, we leave his blankies in the crib during the day which he has adjusted to rather well. He is not loving the stroller at all. I give him food and we sing but it is not enough. He is trying to jump out the entire time. I can't let him walk the whole way because he runs in every direction except the one I want him to go in. He also does not stop or come when I say, he just goes, goes, goes.
Today, Ani and Kai talked on the phone:
Ani: Hi Kai!
Kai: Ani!
That's it. But seriously, so cute!
I think I will dye my hair brown. It's a dirty blonde anyways. Once in gr.10 I did a wash out brown/red colour. I would get a wash out one. I'm such a chicken to even do that!!! I think I will wait til Spring Break. I can't wait for summer holidays. We still have 4 months of school...I can do it!

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